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    We believe many people on our own way but not the creator

    We board in a bus and we believe the driver who is totally unknown to us and travel in the bus with the belief that he would make us reach the place safely.
    We go to a hospital or clinic and without knowing the doctor and nurse we allow them to treat our body.
    We believe our company owner or manager that he will give salary after our 30 days of service and do our best.
    We do believe similarly many on our own life but forget to believe God, the creator. We never offered our thanks to Him on any form. In brahmins community there is a practice of doing sandhya vandhanam in all three times, morning,noon and evening but that also many people neglect or refuse to do by saying no time.
    No students are telling that they attain medals, first rank etc., with the help or Grace of God but telling that they reached to that level only because of their own effort or with the help of some teachers.
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    We are fixing the time for getting up next day morning by alarm in our cell phones. This we are doing with a belief that God will give us tomorrow for living. We are booking advance tickets for travel, believing that God will make us alive up to that time. What I want to say here is we have lot of belief in God. I don't know, there may be some people we don't believe God. But many people believe God 's existence.

    Everyone should believe God. We are here because of HIM only. As and when he wants us back, he will take us back. Every moment we live is God gift only. Whatever we have is given by HIM only.

    Before we start eating our food we pray GOD and start eating. At the end we again pray him. This is our habit, Every one should practice this.

    always confident

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    It is quite simple because humans are real but a God is an imaginary character, a figment of human imagination. How do you trust or believe a fictional character to help you!

    If you do want to trust a fictional character just sit on your sofa and pray to your imaginary friend to take you where you want to. But I guess in end you will have to trust a human only to drive you to your destination or do it by yourself. Similarly, a student has to do hard work by himself and his/her imaginary friend is not going to help him/her pass the exam.

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    For the human being which ever is seen with the naked eyes has to be believed and in the topic being discussed we are well versed to believe the bus driver as the God, the train driver as the God, and even the doctor who is performing critical operation is the God. For while we do forget that creator of all is the God, but when a person comes to the rescue and help us is really a God. Only yesterday I was having taxing time to locate two gazetted officers to sign application for obtaining Income certificate from the authorities and with some recommendation I could do the work done. For me the signing authority was the God for the day. As no other officer obliged to sign under the pretext that how can they believe me as the genuine. So those who believe us and does the work for us is the God for a while.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    We must be thankful to God for our every activity, every little success. In Bengali, there is a saying which means that without His wish, not even a single leave moves.
    After God, we must be thankful to our parents, who are living Gods in our life.
    Lastly, we should be thankful to our near and dear ones for their co-operation.

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    Because all these things are real and assure you of their reality. God is a phenomenon that lays unproven even after centuries. By the way, I am a non-believer. I believe in no one and nothing. You don't believe your manager, he's just fulfilling his duties and you know he'll pay you. Can you say the same about God? Hope only brings pain. Put your efforts and obtain the results.
    I'm so sorry for seeming so heretic sir, but your examples are wrong. Are you even sure that God assisted you in the first place? So what if I announce that I got first rank because of my own efforts? I indeed am not lying.
    I don't want to accredit an imaginary entity for the success I obtained by pouring my blood and sweat.
    That would be self-humiliation.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Faith and works go together. Like 2 oars of a row boat, we need both to make real progress. When we use only faith or only works/self effort, we'll be spinning in about the same place. God is very accommodating everyone in that he blesses even solid atheists when they do something to lend a helping hand to others in need. He is not bound by man's laws or religious laws to hold someone guilty for ignorance of his law of love. Things change a bit when we know and understand God's presence, from which point we are more accountable.

    My Lord Jesus has that much confidence and trust in each person to do the loving thing at any situation that he is accommodating our own missteps and stupidity, and still cheers us on. He knows what it is to be human and he doesn't get bent out of shape or lose his temper like we do. When you have a friend like that, it makes life easier to take care of self as well as have enough ability and capacity to reach out to others in whatever way we can. Thanking him for everything is the best we can do in return. In the same way we can thank the bus driver or gas delivery man or courier man freely knowing that we trust them to do their jobs and deliveries properly. Have you tried to thank the electricity people after they fixed up the power lines after some disruption? Or any other little people who do their jobs and hardly ever get appreciated for their labors to keep us going on without thinking about such things except like turn on/off the power switch at home.

    @Ankit #598700: About 2000 years ago there was this small group of followers of Jesus who were punished and persecuted repeatedly for speaking about 'an imaginary character' even when they gained nothing in terms of the kind of benefits normally expected. It started with the disciples who lived and directly interacted with Jesus. It wasn't just those disciples but a growing bunch of people who would risk their lands, family, children, and life to accept and follow Jesus. They were doing it fully knowing who they believed, and knowing the consequences, but in gratefulness for what he had done for them in the spirit. This speaking the truth and believing in God only resulted in opening other people to the freedoms and choice that God had given to every person and the movement only grew and is still going on in many places.

    God usually uses other people to provide for the needs. It is not always that miracles happen all the time, otherwise it won't be 'faith', it will be something else. In this way people of all sorts have an opportunity to be a part of God's family.

    @Aditya Mohan #598820: …Can you say the same about God? - Yes, I have for over 3 decades, and still do. Not only me; the same goes for many others who live by faith serving Jesus. It is hard work, thrilling work, sometimes boring and frustrating work, risky work adventurous and scary, sometimes humiliating work (does wonders to that thing call ego!), but more than well compensated in ways unimaginable and beyond understanding. Some benefits: true friends who I trust and am trusted by. For me, tried and proven. For you: try it.

    In all I said above, I speak for the written word as described in Bible, not in religious belief, traditions and formalities. It is simply that.

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    In today's age, there are many such Gurus/Baba's in India too which have a lot of followers. There are those who are smart enough to see through the sham of these con artists but many still follow them blindly. The age you talk about was an age of superstition and I don't think it needs much explanation how easy it was to fool people of those times with the assumption of course that there was really some person named Jesus.

    Speaking of your God didn't lead to freedom or self-respect but led to the largest massacre of life ever seen by in the history of mankind. Please don't forget The Crusades, a mass killing of people ordered by the Church just because they wanted to spread their control. Christianity is the most widely spread religion not because it has any truth in it but because it has led the bloodiest wars in history.

    Nowadays, the same war is being led by ISIS. There is no real difference in the ways of both. It is just that in this age of information technology people are able to condemn the killings, discuss the wrongs happening and form an opinion. But at that time it was not possible and Christianity was able to spread unhindered.

    I am quite surprised to see how people can believe in such a character even after seeing the sufferings of our fellow human beings. How can someone in their right mind accept something like being responsible for the "sin" done by their forefathers? How can women believe in such religions which treat them as a property of their father/husband?

    It is the human brotherhood and science that leads to peace and progress in the world. Education is what can drive away the poverty and human suffering. There are no such things as miracles or blessings, it is just the human hard work and love for his surroundings that alleviates the problems of the world.

    Before signing off, let me just say that real knowledge comes from reading a lot of books and not just one book. The words described in Bible ARE religion and not some facts. I don't have anything to argue with people who still believe that the earth is flat and the world is just a few thousand years old!

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    God is a gentleman who never expects any thanks or rewards or awards from the human beings. We are the toys in the hands of God. God rules us. Each and every heart beat chants the name of God. We need not go to temple to worship God. We can simply close our eyes and think about the figures of all Gods existing in this world.

    Yesterday, I read a message. In a temple, a boy tells his father by looking at a statue of a lion " Dad, please move away, the lion might attack you." Father says," Son, it is only a stone. It won't attack us." Son responds"Dad, if this lion cannot attack us, how can the stone God help us in our life.?

    Just give a good thought to this great thought of the boy.

    No life without Sun

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    Response #599113
    Well said
    I appreciate.

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    Atheistic rulers have also caused war, not just the ones who take it upon themselves to supposedly do God's wars. It is not limited to only a certain category of people. War is caused by somebody's greed, and once started, it doesn't just end. Revenge from a defeated side comes sooner or later and it is nothing new.

    Anybody can claim to use the name Jesus to make war somewhere. But what does Jesus say? He says his kingdom is not of this world. So that takes the basis for any war done in his name as invalid. There were some who wanted to make Jesus as King of the Jews but he refused to be. The kingdom of God is within you; not in property or land area or in politics or military or in converting other people. Jesus isn't religious and he does expect followers to be non-religious.

    Science and education of the kind you mentioned also puts whole populated areas for experimentation without the inhabitants' knowledge. This has happened and is still going on. Education is being used to suppress info. Education is also being used to enslave people. In the US by the time one graduates, there is an average of close to 30,000 $. So where is the freedom so-called? A person in debt is basically a slave to the lender, no matter what other terms and expressions used to describe the same. Man's greed is forcing many nations into slavery too, as more and more nations fall into the traps of the big money lenders. These same money lenders are not religious in any known way, and for all one knows may be atheists.

    As for those who follow Jesus, I suppose they do so because Jesus turned out to be real, and had a major impact in each of their lives, like it happened for me. So it doesn't matter what insinuations thrown around about Jesus, he is exactly as he is described. He is probably one of the first one to empower women in a big way. He doesn't seem to be bothered at all the spoiling of his reputation, and doesn't tell his followers to stand up and defend him. I follow him not blindly, but knowing well enough.

    There is superstition going on big time even today. Just look at the medical field – there are hundreds of research done on many diseases, and all they can come up is to tell you to take medication for the rest of your lives. And many people follow that blindly. It is funny; they cannot fix the problem fully, but can do it partially to keep extending till the day you die. What did all the education and science do with regard to this modern-day superstition?

    What about economic superstition? Many wealthy people are wealthy because their wealth is measured in stocks and investments and yet there is no guarantee it will be converted into wealth of actual value (shelter, food, health, etc). Every time the stock markets rattle a bit a bunch of people become overnight paupers. The wealth was only in numbers and in paper.

    Millions of people sign up for social networks like Facebook, Whatsapp, etc and use free email services, even after knowing that they put their privacy at risk of theft and abuse, while at the same time profiting the owners every day. They don't realize they signed a contract (international one) with the owners basically signing away everything for supposed freebies. What has modern education taught about this mass herding to propped up ideals (modern gurus and babas)?

    Knowing about these things I find it better to stick to Jesus and believe his unfailing promises. He is not known to betray or deceive unlike these other entities. Reading scriptures helps clear the mind from the daily materialistic bombardments and alerts me to spot fakery when I come across it.

    I find arguing with atheists interesting and learn something from that, while providing some info and entertainment for any who hears/watches this. Actual spoken debate is good jaw exercise and can even remove double-chin! About flat earth, that is a different topic (suppression of information/deception) and it doesn't matter flat or global, as far as acknowledging the Creator and showing our thankfulness.

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