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    Is Reader's Digest magazine less popular among the teens nowadays?

    Since my middle school days, I have been reading Reader's Digest; occassionally in some years, regularly in other years. Not only me, many students of our Bengali-medium school used to read this magazine. Elders and teachers used to say that this magazine is very informative and would help us to learn good English. I suppose that was the general opinion of teachers everywhere in India.

    Even now every library which I visit subscribes to Reader's Digest. Many old and middle-aged people regularly go through this magazine. The standard is still rvery good. But I have also noted that the magazine is no longer popular among the teen-aged boys and girls of the country. Very few students read Reader's Digest anymore.

    Why is Reader's Digest less popular among the present students? Why don't they eagerly wait for the arrival of this magazine? Is loss of pupularity the reason behind the increasing price of Reader's Digest (current price is Rs. 100/-).

    Who knows?
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    Reader's Digest was very popular during my school days. Even many books shops were selling this item. The English articles standard is very high and without a dictionary by the side I was not able to read the book. Many teachers were suggesting this book. Many libraries were keeping this book.

    As the internet has become very common and easily available, purchasing hard copies of journals has come down. I don't know whether Reader's Digest is available on online. However many people are reading so many articles on line, the demand for this book decreased, I think. As the circulation has come down they might have increased the rate.

    A column of vocabulary improvement in this book was very interesting for me.

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    I used to read Reader's Digest in a library I had subscribed to. However, its been years now since I read it last time. I think I am still a fan of it but its just that I am no longer subscribed to library. The problem with younger generations is they now get most of the information on their smartphones. So any physical medium is definitely going to suffer. That is the main reason that teens nowadays don't like to read magazines. I remember my teen years (still young though!), we used to put aside our academic books and read this magazine in library. We were hungry for information which is outside our curriculum. However, teens today won't understand this because they have all of it on their phones.
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    Mr. Partha, it is true that Reader's Digest used to be a very popular magazine. I used to receive it regularly by post even in my village and I always waited for it eagerly. It was recommended to me by my teacher as he felt that at that time it was one of the best options for us to improve English. We used to be proud of assessing our word ability by doing an exercise on vocabulary and always learnt new words. It is a digital world now. The younger generation has so many alternatives which are faster to get information and, I think, it resulted in diminishing the popularity of Reader's Digest.

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    My parents subscribed to the Reader's Digest and everyone in the family waited eagerly for each edition to be delivered to the house. I looked forward to the diary that came with the annual subscription.

    I continued subscribing to the magazine after marriage because my husband was in the habit of reading it as well. It was definitely the most enriching magazines, with rich content. I was a fan of the jokes published under different categories and the 'real life drama' stories that the magazine published. The vocabulary section was highly educative. And the bumper cash awards they offered always had me crossing my fingers and toes (didn't win a single paisa).

    We often ordered hardbound books published by the company - I now find the same being sold for a pittance, at a store that sells imported secondhand books, by weight.

    Anyway, I stopped subscribing to the magazine in 2015 as I felt the standard had fallen. The articles and the authors ceased to be of the calibre that I associate with Reader's Digest. The magazine became thinner too!

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    Readers Digest was on among my favourite magazine for many years till my thirties. I was reading it regularly during college days as my friend's father subscribed to it. Then after getting job, I started subscribing to it tempted by the 'offers for subscription'. It was in my library collection for many years . I had also seen the a few copies different editions from my friends or relatives who returned from abroad.

    I had mentioned about a few regular columns which I like in Readers Digests in my threads or in response; eg: thread 1 , thread 2.
    There used to be word meanings and their usage as a regular column. I learned a lot from them also.
    By and by my reading habit also became less and so also interest in Readers Digest. I used to get to read it once in a while in some friend's or relative house or at some public place like a clinic or advocate's or some businessman's office etc.I have not seen an issue of Readers Digest since a decade at least.

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    There was a time when Readers Digest was a magzine of choice for all ages. With time it lost its sheen as it had to struggle lot against its main rival - the internet.

    Though it is still popular among retired and old aged people but young generation is not much interested in its contents.

    However the magazine has maintained its standard still as its past glory.

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    Only older generation members belonging to this site knows about Readers Digest. I remember the book which would fit in our palm and has great interesting knowledge to share every time with new issue. In those days we used to visit Hyderabad public library at Chikkadpally and there we used to read this books without fail along with children comic books like Chandamama and Champaklal. Yes the younger generation does not know about this book and its value. The English used in the book was widely accepted and regarded and even old persons do read this book without fail.
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    Reader's Digest magazine is still published every month. But teen-agers are no longer excited to read this magazine. Their attention has shifted elsewhere.
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