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    User Name or Short Name vs Actual Name

    Whenever I post a question on India Study Channel I find that I consume 4 lines because my full name appears on the post. I wonder if their is any provision of putting User Name which can be a short form of the full name or any other for that matter. I think by adopting this I can stop wasting at least 2 or even three lines of ISC, thereby saving space for others.
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    Yes, you can use your short name by editing your profile going to Dashboard.
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    Initially I too had a similar problem. Ms. Vandana advised me to remove my qualifications from my name. I have done it. Initially all letters are upper case letters in my name. But as per the advise of Ms. Vandana I have changed that also, Now it is alright. You can edit your screen name as you like by going to your Dash board.
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    Yes you can edit your name with short name say Dr S R Shukla which would suffice for us to understand that it your post and we shall respond to the threads raised by you.
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