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    Did you notice the new changes in the ISC template?

    Hope you've seen the new changes at ISC:
    1. The upper blue band now has the share link to social media platforms (next to the log in button).

    2. At the bottom there are new colours, text and links, in addition to the 'awards', 'top earners' and 'new posts' buttons.

    3. The text of the various links from the tabs are now in all capital letters.

    Anything else you noticed which is new?
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    Just now noticed it. Let me study the new features further.
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    I use bank sites ,ISC, some newspaper web sites and some other sites frequently. I see changes in them now and then.
    Actually instead of feeling happy , I always feel scared when changes occur without notice. This especially true for me when I have to login with password and have some personal details i those sites.When I notice a visible change in the interactive page of a site, I doubt whether it is genuine or I am a victim of phishing or virus.

    So I suggest that let there be some intimation before some such changes are taking place.

    I get tense when I get stuck up after keying i password to the sites for some transaction or login. It happened to me in some cases and I was very tense. Then I had to run the security scan, cleaning etc. But when everything was okay, I sent an email to the site and confirmed that everything was okay and genuine and there was a big change in the site page and some updating.

    They could have given the intimation by secure communication method. No all reply even to specific email also.

    So I suggest ISC also to announce such changes.

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    Quite interesting, Vandana. I may miss any other change since I appeared after a gap of 5 years. But it is good to keep the site updated and to make it competitive with other sites,.

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    On the right panel, under 'Top Contributors' members can now see their points under 'My Points'. It indicates points earned today, yesterday and in the last 30 days. This, I think is a new feature.
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    Ms.Juana, What you have mentioned is a old aspect only. I have been seeing that quite sometime. I think subscribe button in the bottom blue line is new. All others I am not finding any other changes other than what Ms, Vandana informed.
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    Thanks for everyone for the comments. Yes, we are working on a lot of layout changes for the site to make it look more professional. The changes you see in the header and footer are just part of the big changes coming up in all sections of ISC.
    Tony John
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    Another change I have noticed today, is sign out is not mentioned seperatpely by th side of our name on the top .
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    I am glad to see the new changes made in the template layout. However, the profile page layout hasn't been changed yet. It is not optimized for mobile layout and view. Every time, I view my profile to catch the updates from forum, ask expert and other section, I had have to zoom in.
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    Wow the new look and additional features connecting to social media is very nice and name of the member is highlighted in the blue strip which is very clearly visible now. Our Webmaster Tony has been doing constant changes in the site templates and that is giving better look and user friendly too. Now our contributions can be shared in Youtube , Instagram and Pinterest too.
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    Just now I have found that my search-box has become unresponsive. Is it due to the new features of the website, or is it due to some problem in my personal computer?
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    Partha, you can use the search box by pressing the 'enter' key. The temporary glitch may be due to the ongoing additions and alterations being made to the site.
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    Yes. I could see the changes on the top and bottom.
    Your view is an old view of Top contributors and has not changed..

    @ ISC should reintroduce the 'Spot the Change' contest and award suitably. This will help the members to observe, report and get awards.

    @ Unfortunately the bottom messages 'Education leads - Top earners - New posts' doesn't get clicked and not able to reach the link.

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