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    Changing Mindset of Indians - Dependence on Apps Increases

    Consequent upon various programmes initiated by Government of India like 'Digital India' and penetration of 4G and Telecom, there is a silent revolution going on in the country. More and more people in India are installing Apps to perform hassle-free and smart transactions. App Annie, a data analytic company, has revealed that Indians spent 2.5 hours a day on Apps in the first quarter this year. This is higher by half an hour the time spent last year during the same period. Leaving behind the countries like the USA, Germany, France and UK, which spent about 1.5 to 2 hours, the Indians have inculcated the habit of installing more and more Apps on their smart phones. During the same period, i.e. first quarter this year, almost 80 Apps have been installed by Indians out of which about 40 are being put to use in a month.
    This certainly speaks of the change in the mindset of Indians. Such an increase could be possible due to better internet connectivity and smart phones becoming cheaper. And this dependence on Apps will increase manifold in the coming months.
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    From the above information one can gather that Indians have become more lazy. Instead of going to the site through proper channel, by installing apps, they once again displayed the laziness attitude. That is the reason being so every business house is promoting their app and insisting customers to download the same. And this habit of Indians are well gauged by the net hackers who are penetrating in to the data of every Individual through apps and thus there are every risk of we loosing our personal data by installing any unknown app which comes just as the routine habit.
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    There are two ways looking at it. One is people are becoming lazy.
    Another side is , people started spending less time for each work and their turn over increases. Work per head increased.
    So using apps is a positive aspect. Earlier when we have to open the site, it was taking lot of time for booking a railway ticket. Now within this time we are able to finish booking ticket and one more activity. This is really a welcome move. This is the other side of thinking.

    With this computerization and apps development we are saving lot of time and we can use that time for some other productive work. Really it is good that, everything we are able to complete with in a very small time. So more time. Let us do something better.

    always confident

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