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    How to earn money from india study channel

    How to earn money from India study channel and how much one can earn from this . please explain in detail .
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    India study channel is the educational portal and here who ever becomes member share their knowledge and ideas through writing contents. That means you would start earning if you make a article on any topic with good heading ,summary and content which must be on your own and not copy pasted from other site. Once the article is made and uploaded, it will be reviewed and approved by editors by assigning cash credits and points and thus your earning starts. Here you cannot expect big earnings but a decent earning for all is assured provided every one has the zeal to contribute something in content writing. I my self earn nearly 1000 rupees per month by spending one or two hours daily. Like me many are earning and this site is very transparent on every thing including earning potential of every member.
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    It is very much necessary to understand the functioning of the website to earn money. And to understand the functioning of the website, you have to spend some time and go through each and every section and sub-section. Then you have to understand which section/sub-section is most convenent for you. After that start contributing and earn money.
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    Basically ISC is an education channel. By going through the various sections of this site we will get very good knowledge of English and other subjects. we will also learn about the latest developments around the globe. So our knowledge will increase. This will give us chance earn money not only here but in many other places. Mainly students will get very much benefited.
    First go through the various sections of the site and understand. Then start posting answers to various threads. Slowly try to start posting in other sections also. It will definitely help you in earning money also.

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    You may search and scan 'Help Topics' in this regard. I give below a link as an immediate reference to you.
    How to make money from this site?

    Ongoing Awards & Rewards in gives you idea about the cash rewards and prizes opportunities

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