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    Apple products are still not in the range of poor peoples

    weather apple lower their prices in phone section but still these phones are not in the range of poor people .
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    Once a brand gets its status symbol even if the manufacturer wants to reduce the price and pass the benefit to the customer it may be treated as negative marketing and hence the prices wont be reduced by the retailers from who the products get sold. Some people are habituated to buy only costly phones and apple range are always costly. So the price reduction if any may not be drastic but minimal for which there may not be more expectations from the customers who have the brand loyalty towards the products. Nevertheless the Apple must announce publicly any consideration of lower price for poor class.
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    It is true apple products are very costly. Their costs has not come down.
    Android phones are costing very less when compared to these phones.
    That may be the reason, in India volumes are not there for these products.
    Apple has a very good brand image in the market. Some people who accustomed to use these phone are not interested in changing the brand. They will go for latest versions of apple products only. So their customer base is constant. They are not more worried about the cost. So Apple may be happy with its business. Again it is a business strategy to sell constantly, up grade the product and get more profit. This may be the philosophy of this company.

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    Well, they shouldn't ever be. Some brands are the definition of luxury. If they are made to be purchased by a common man, why would they have a high quality? There is a brand or a model in every product that's pretty luxurious.
    They are the top products and the rest of the companies compete with them in terms of quality and margins.
    In this particular case, Iphones have an excellent quality and appeal. They were never destined for common people and they should never be.
    To be honest, I-phones aren't that expensive at all. It is the transportation and taxes that increase the price when they reach India.

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    The basic philosophy behind Apple brand was best quality for upper strata of the society. With time Apple gadgets became symbol of a class and were blindly followed by the upper middle class and some ambitious middle class people.

    Due to very high expenditure on quality control and virus proof costly operating systems Apple could not reduce its prices.

    It was only when cheaper Android system invaded the world markets with low cost devices that Apple also had to realign its business strategy to lower prices to some extent but these are still very high for a common man.

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