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    Give respect to my posts. , We are not here to make time pass. Rejoinder.

    My thread on Aadhaar voice recognition probability was deleted by the editor citing no proof of my claim. I shared that post in the morning after watching the news item in the V6 telugu news channel which is highly regarded in Hyderabad. More over the same news also appeared in Business lines and here is the link : So members should also understand that I am not sharing here for time pass but for a purpose. Editor please restore that thread too.
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    Many of us like this, they do not understand the reality behind the information what others given, without any second thought either ignoring or objecting. Similarly I on noticing one day informing my account section about the powercut of the next day. The accounts manager set aside my warning and told that though the paper news like that they wont But on the next day power went off by 9.00 am. Our stock of diesel in the genset also went short even by 10.00 am. Then everybody went panic and rush here and there for diesel and it has taken more than two hours to fetch the diesel. Every thing went on due to ignoring the advice of others. They have to realise others also telling with meaning and background.

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    Mr. Mohan: You raised a thread about voice-recognised AADHAR, which has now been deleted. I stated as a response to that thread that that was not the case. But I strongly disapprove deletion of threads, except when it is a copy-pasting job.

    I strongly object to the step taken by the Editor.

    Caution: Explosive. Handle with care.

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    Another fake news.

    I wish you had read the entire news report instead of going by the heading alone. Half baked information is so dangerous. Please read the full page of the link you have shared and you'll see your blunder.

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    The two sentence written in that report stands by the news by the Business line and probably that was not read Juana . By the way she can refer to V6 video news of 5.30 am of 20th May 2017 which is not wrong.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    The question is not the veracity of information. The issue is deletion of the thread. The veracity of information could have been discussed in the earlier thread itself, deletion was not necessary.
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    You question whether the editor's think your activity is time pass. To be honest it is nothing but time pass. I haven't heard of V6 video news that you mention and have no intention of following a channel that is telecasting news that has been denied in print by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), an agency of the Government of India

    UIDAI has denied the report, what else do you want? You choose to stick to Business Line's version – what can I say.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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    The two are connected. The thread was deleted because it was false news. The author has come up asking for his thread to be restored because he believes his news is true. He would not have posted this thread if he had realised he was doing 'time pass'.

    Discussion on the veracity of the information is relevant because the author has shared information from where he gathered his (false) news.

    I do not concur with your view that threads should not be deleted. It's the website's policy, why do you argue about it. I think it is the prerogative of the administrators to decide what they will and will not allow on their site. It's as simple as that. And there is no scope to hold a discussion on false news.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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    Ms. Juana: If it is the prerogative of the administrators to decide what they would allow and delete unsuitable threads, the affected Members can also protest against such deletion/locking of threads. We must protest if we feel that injustice is being done.
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    My understanding is that you and I are here by choice. There is no legal commitment that keeps us here. We are free to leave if we do not agree with policies practised here. Why make a brouhaha?

    The administrators have drafted policies and these could be keeping in mind legalities and the policies adopted by Google - this is my guess. The admin must have their website's interest in mind. The website runs on traffic, and I do not think the admin is dumb to arbitrarily delete threads that would be bringing in traffic. There is a reason behind actions. Too bad if you fail to see it.

    I do not like your stand of 'must protest'. Standing up against policies and egging people to protest is not a healthy sign.

    If you feel strongly about issues and feel your views are not appreciated here why not publish them on your own blog. Why do you insist on posting your views and ideas here and wish to change the working of the website?

    I am reminded of the idiom - Give an inch and they'll take a mile. This is what is happening - the website gives you an opportunity to post content, with a byline, as long as you adhere to the posting guidelines. Instead of being grateful for the opportunity you are creating a ruckus, calling upon people to protest. I have, in the past, taken up issues, but you are taking it a tad too far. I'm sorry, but this is just not done!

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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    The editors are simply acting on the some negative response from the members and thus without even thinking of importance they delete the thread much to annoy of author.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Yes, all of us here are by our conscious choice to fulfill the need to express ourselves. It is also necessary to work within the guidelines. But we protest when, according to our perception, an injustice is done within the ambit of guidelines. Nobody questions the policy. Nobody protests for the sake of protesting.
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    It is time for some introspection - maybe your perception is wrong or you haven't fully understood the posting guidelines. I have noticed your threads of grievances, against your posts being deleted. I have also read the responses by editors. I have also read the response from a former editor. These are messages addressed to you because clearly, your posts are not within the ambit of the guidelines. Why are so many of your posts deleted? Think about it. I would think that you are faulting.

    My observation – you continued posting threads on similar genres despite threads on the genre being deleted. You kept protesting, editors kept giving explanations, you kept coming back with similar topics. I have, sitting on the sidelines, understood which topics are allowed and which aren't. Why have you not been able to decipher that despite the issue being addressed, repeatedly?

    Your stand on this post is also wrong – you support the author with your views that posts should not be deleted. The news shared is false - worse still the tone of this post is scathing.


    Please use your words with care. I had commented on your deleted post - and it wasn't a negative response as you term it. Your news was wrong, despite me pointing it out in my response #598765 you continue to believe that you have been wronged. Have you even read the report that you shared with us?

    Please go back and read the response of the UIDAI, which is published under 'erratum' in the link you shared. The right thing to do would be to acknowledge your mistake when it is pointed out. Don't continue to cry foul. It doesn't paint a very good picture.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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    My stand is clear. If a Member posts something wrong or which is not factually correct, other Members including the Editors may point out his/her mistake in that thread itself, without deleting the thread. Nowadys deletion of threads is becoming a rule instead of being an exception.
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    No, Partha, the rule was always the same and such threads have always been deleted when they cross a limit. However, the initial exceptions are taken otherwise and the authors become lax in their judgment of what and what not to post in Forum.
    Especially after a notice asking members not to post fake news in Forum if the same activity is continued, how can someone claim an exception?

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    Everyone please note the main thing: the thread was not deleted at all. It was locked and the points reduced to zero due to the information not being correct. It was not deleted because the responses in the thread were valid, pointing out that the news was incorrect so that others may be aware of it. If the thread had been deleted, then this awareness would not have been shared since the responses too would have got deleted.

    K Mohan - there have been some very valid points made by Juana so am not repeating the same. I would like to address the view you made that "The editors are simply acting on the some negative response from the members and thus without even thinking of importance they delete the thread much to annoy of author."
    - This is totally a misconception. Editors do not act on the basis of feedback given in responses of members. All the forum editors have got years of experience. They make it a point to check the veracity of what is stated. This was the case of your thread too. I am the one who took the decision in this case and locked it - but not on the basis of the responses in the thread. I did check the information. When the official authority itself issues a disclaimer about the news, then how can ISC accept that it is authentic. You state that even a reputed TV news channel reported it. Is the news aired by the channel to be considered genuine and more reputable than the official government authority?! Time and again we have requested members that, when presenting some news of this kind, mention the source. Did you mention it in the text of your thread? No. It is only now, in this thread, that you came up with the source. Why? Because that thread got locked and your points reduced? So, OK, you raised this thread - but not to lend credence to your news with the source mentioned. Instead, you did so to imply that the editors are making arbitrary decisions.

    Each time some thread gets deleted & a complaint is raised, we have been very patiently explaining the reasons. Yet, what is not realized by you & others who raise such threads, is that it is the same issue, namely the same type of thread, the same reason. Here, yet again though, I am explaining.

    Why is there the need to explain really? Because, you see, we do give respect to members' posts & don't summarily dismiss even such repeated complaints. This thread, too, is not just time pass. The issue herein deserves to be addressed because it was posted by a Platinum member. Is that not respect?

    So please do try to understand what is acceptable & what is not and not question each and every decision of a forum editor. Hope this is the last time this particular issue - of posting rumours without source being mentioned, it being deleted & then subsequently being questioned as to why - is raised. Give some respect to editors' decisions please.

    Hope you finally do acknowledge, too, that the news was not true, instead of being stubborn & supporting your stand. Unless and until the official authority announces that they are indeed going to implement some new feature / process for Aadhaar cards, we just cannot accept it as genuine.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    This thread too turns out to be fake news - A 'locked' thread is being touted as a 'deleted' thread. My bad that I didn't verify the claim, but in my defence, I have to say that I didn't expect a Platinum member to indulge in such propaganda - I blindly accepted his version.
    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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    It is imprudent to lock a thread without valid reason without allowing it for 10 days or delete a thread without explaining the reason for the locking or deletion. The editor locking the thread should explain the reason as the last response to that thread. In this regards, ISC should have a standard policy laid down for the editors. Every quickly locked thread should have the editors last response to that thread.

    If an author's thread is fake or false, and if the editor is sure of it, he should explain it and lock/delete the thread.

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