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    Reward is necessary for motivation.

    Reward is valuable for us .It gives us happiness and satisfaction .Our attempts are recognized.After getting reward on this site I also feel happy.The modern means of teaching gives reward also. teacher draws smiley face on the child's copy.They give proper remarks according to child's attempt.
    Sometimes certificates are also given.These all are for encouragement and motivation.So I thank the managing committee of India Study Channel for rewarding me.
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    Yes rewards are the real motivation to any person. It need not be a cash reward or a big shield. Just a pat on the back or few good words about the work done .That is enough to bring in new energy for us. My elders used to tell us that they will appreciate every work of the child during growing stage and that gives extra philip to do better and best. In class room when the teacher asks a question and on telling the right answer the applause we get from the whole class cannot be forgotten. Even for good comments on social media pages, some have the habit of appreciating for our comments. That feels good.
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    If somebody recognizes our efforts and pat us on our back we feel elated. This is the general tendency of human beings. When I received Rs.300/- from ISC as my first payment, I felt very happy. Rs.300/- is not at all a big amount, but the satisfaction I got can't be explained. Similarly somebody sends us email appreciating our work, it will be a real testimonial to us. Reward will not be always in the form of cash. The pat on our back motivates us to run for some more time. While we eat, if we say the curry is very tasty and made to my liking, the house wife feels very happy. That is because somebody recognized her effort. When a small boy walks for the first time, if you clap he laughs loudly with happiness. Hence motivation and rewards will bring positive energy in the human beings.
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    Yes, reward is welcome and a motivation. However what the reward should be varies from person to person and from time to time in different persons.

    The expectation or motivating factor is not the same when we have just joined and after 10 years of service. Money can be a motivating reward at some stage. But then that also lose its motivating capacity at another stage. Name getting published in newspapers, photo and video clip coming in TV channels -all these are motivating rewards for different persons. A thousand rupee reward is not going to make a child happy and motivated but a box of chocolates or a toy will.
    After a certain age and stage in our life, we only can motivate and reward ourselves. We grow beyond all that. We learn to practice the Gita teaching 'Karmanyevaadhikaaraste.." - doing our duty unmindful of compensation or reward.

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