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    To realize the pain of life and importance of relationships, please visit a hospital nearby

    I read in one calendar that, 'everything is fun till it happens to us'. It is so true, as we never realize the importance of one thing till we are facing it personally. The people surrounding us may be really facing many problems which may appear funny to us and we may even neglect. We ignore our relatives, brothers, sisters and parents for silly reasons. By magnifying small things we set them aside totally from our life.

    To realize the pain of other's and importance of relations, we should visit a nearby hospital as a casual visitor. We can see many people who, though possessing money, suffers much without any one around for help. Recently, outside ICU of one Hospital at Madurai, where my brother got admitted (I rushed to help him from Chennai on hearing the news), I saw one lady who was crying while complaining that her husband was very uncooperative and stubborn in maintaining good terms with relatives, even with his or her brothers and sisters. This lady, aged about 60 years, was suffering as there was no one around for help. Both their sons were in US and there was no scarcity of money. Here my brother's wife told how the money will not help them, 'when our blood is is hot we ignore everyone around us, but once our blood start getting slightly cold, we cannot tolerate the restlessness of life'.
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    A very well written article by Mr. Ramachandran. True. For our eyes others problems will not appear as problems. Our problems only problems. We feel sometimes happy at others problems. It is really brutal. But many of us are like that. We ignore our own parents in our pursuit of earning money. Yesterday, I was talking to a very senior employee of a good organisation. They were three brothers. All of them were settles well and earning nicely. Their mother was staying separately, in the same city. I feel a little upset. Why she has to stay separate. In case of emergency we will help her. Money is not only the criteria, human values are more important.

    To err is human. We may be doing small small mistakes. Keeping that in view we should not ignore our family members. Each of us help others as and when required. If we become alone, we may require others help also at any point of time.

    always confident

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    I truly agree with the author. Ignoring the relation, neglecting friends just to make money is not good. Though money is essential, friends and relatives are very important as in certain situations we cannot do anything just with money. I have also seen people who pretend to be nice and close to people other than their relatives and when those people are in need of someone's help, these pretending person will back off giving some lame reasons. Such people will have no one when required. So we should always be true and good to people whole heartedly. We won't lose anything if we help people as much as we can.

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    In a fit of anger on petty issues we some times get in to cold war with relatives and even close friends but does not realize the fact that in terms of emergencies we need people to help and they wont turn up. The other day I had been to a hospital to see a patient and the next room was occupied by a lady who was suffering from cancer and her only son is in US and the husband who is alone doing all the running around keeping her alone in the room. Her has sent them enough money to foot the hospital bill. When some one visits or peep in her room she would ask for some help. That was the pathetic condition of patients who were having hostile terms with relatives and friends and they are unable to keep their children with them too, What is this life when the money is there but no personal attention.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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