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    What if ‘ Kurumthotti ‘ (Sida Retusa) becomes rheumatic?

    There is a saying, as a question expressing irony, in Malayalam "Kurunthottikku vaathamo". It is a surprise of 'Kurumthotti becomes rheumatic". The case of doctor himself becoming patient.

    Kurumthotti (Sida Retusa or Sida Cordifolia: Bala or Atibala in Sanskrit) is a herbal plant used in native and Ayurvedic medicines as cure for Rheumatic complaints . What if kurumthotti itself becomes rheumatic? Who or what can cure it?

    Of late I feel such a situation is happening in ISC.

    The worrying situation of, experienced members expressing anger and anguish very frequently by raising forum posts. New entrants (of any team, forum or organisation) see in and look up to experienced members, for guidance and support. Naturally experienced people do not show up the negative emotions much, do not de-motivate instead encourage and instil confidence in novices. It is like a patient looking up to a doctor for curing his problem.

    But they become confused and wonderstruck when the experts and experienced start complaining on routine matters and repetitiously.

    I was consciously keeping away from all such threads and discussions as I am not interested in fanning the flames in such emotional situations.

    I do not stand in the way of experienced members getting their genuine grievances redressed. But why should there be washing dirty linen in public? Many are watching. I feel that experienced members can afford to be more accommodating, patient and graceful in their words and posts in such situations. That will only enhance their grace , elegance and acceptability. Please take up via PM if the matter concerns only about you and your post. Especially, when an explanation had been given in earlier occasion.

    We do not stand to lose much even when a few posts are deleted or when cash credit or points given a bit less than our expectation. For most of us it is not a life and death problem. It is not even our career and income source. After all, we know who we are. One or two deleted posts cannot change that.

    Let 'Kurumthotti ' remain as curer and not become a patient .
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    Very nice, Mr. Venkiteswaran , A good thread. You are correct heaven is not going fell down, if one of our post is removed. Really the person who posted may feel bad about it. But immediately getting upset and blaming somebody may not be a right attitude. As you said the juniors will fail to understand why these people so harsh in using such kind of words. They will get confused. They will get misguided.

    It is the right of seniors and experienced members to place their concern about the treatment they are getting. I can understand that. But they can express their anguish to the concerned by sending a mail separately to them. So he will get clarified and no others will come to know about it.

    As you said if the doctor is becoming a patient, who will treat the patients. Of course doctor is also a human being, he will also may have to go to another doctor. Similarly our seniors and experienced members of the site also human beings and they have to shed their anger some way or other. Once they do this, they will become normal and go ahead with their routine educative postings for the benefit of their juniors.

    always confident

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    Yes, all senior Members (including the Editors) must be patient, accomodating and should not wash dirty linen in public.
    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    When a post is not interesting to you kindly avoid making any comment or desist from making negative response. In that melee the post get diluted and thus the very purpose is not solved the editor would delete or lock. What is the use of raising posts. When the information is shared, it is for the discussion and deliberation. One can agree or one may not agree but no one has the right to say that the information shared is wrong. By the way all information shared by members may not be on internet and for that reason he cannot be held responsible for the veracity and genuineness of the post. I think webmaster must advise the editors on this matter and there must be detailed discussion on this issue. Our members have the habit of verifying the fact on internet once some issues are published here. That is wrong. All matters wont appear on internet when they are in inception stage of being implemented.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    " one has the right to say that the information shared is wrong"
    - On the contrary! Members should definitely point out incorrect information.

    "By the way all information shared by members may not be on internet and for that reason he cannot be held responsible for the veracity and genuineness of the post"
    - If the member is unable to provide veracity, then why post it at all? If posting, give the source of the information for others to check it out.

    K Mohan - I have addressed your complaint. Please do not raise that issue here again in this thread.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    I think it is because of the huge difference in our ages and also our opinions. When equally able scholars meet up at a place, a duel is certain. There is this phenomenon of "dwelling". An action done, must die in the past, there is no need to reanimate it every-time. And I find one more thing very disturbing about many Iscians. They ignore the main content and clutch to a trivial flaw in the content. That's disgusting and disturbing. No one is perfect.
    I hate to say this but the content too, is reducing in quality day-by-day. Most responses make no sense.
    Most forum threads address personal issues rather than share matter.
    Frequent removal of responses and threads.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Mr. Venki,
    A good post from you. To overcome this Kurumthotti becoming rheumatic, ISC should come out with a proper guideline that queries of personal concern should be first referred to the concerned editor. If raised as a thread directly, it should be deleted without any fear or favour.

    Now, if we do not know the concerned editor whom should we put up our grievances through a PM. I think our Managing Editor is the right editor with whom we can lodge our complaint through a PM. Unfortunately, our ME is unapproachable through PM. In such a case, the only alternative action is to raise a thread to tell our problem to ISC. WM is too tall to listen to our problem.

    Can you suggest something for the betterment and to overcome this problem.

    I recommend our ME to keep her PM box open for all 24x7. She should deal with all the messages irrespective of silly, genuine or valid.

    No life without Sun

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