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    How people voted for Modi government policies while having completed three years

    On the eve of Modi government completing three years, four big policies from the government which all of us have gone through , have been asked to vote their preference. And here are the results :

    No scams in Central government - has received 41 percent votes
    Demonetization - has received 21 percent votes
    Surgical strike- Got 21 percent votes
    2 cr LPG connection for rural poor- got 17 percent votes.

    What is your response for this voting ?
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    Mr.Mohan I wish to know from which survey you are quoting these percentages. No scams 41 percent means, the remaining percent votes against. Recently I have seen in one survey for some of the issues surveyed like demonetization got less percentage. What I found positive in this government is scams are less but I see much advertisement strategy than the results of the programmes introduced.

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    Various organisations conduct surveys. The result differ from survey to survey. We can't take this as correct. But it is an indication only.It is true that no major scam in central government after Mr. Modi has taken over. Clean India, make in India are another activity being done j Many other programs are all also announced by this government We have to wait and see the results. But the recent election shown that voters are with BJP. If the same trend goes, BjP will have one more term in the nation
    always confident

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    Opposition parties are facing problems with cases being piled up against them , therefore no opposition party is able to prove any case of corruption and scam against Modi government so far.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    We are in a situation to select from between Zero and 1. So the only option is to select 1 which is now the BJP or NDA. On the other side the performance of Congress is Zero and the opposition functions just as rabble rousing group. All those who the public had some hope like Kejriwal have proved themselves as self seekers and high decibel publicity seekers only.
    Except for creating an impression among NRIs and the people abroad, I do not think the present government has done anything impressive to the domestic citizen.
    Probably the vocally influential corporate and multinatonal corporates have gained benefits and they may create publicity and influence public opinion for their own continued interests.

    There is still hope and expectation from the general public on this government. That s because this government could start on a path of undoing some damages the previous ruling governments have done by placating some groups and sections. In that direction this government is more transparent and development oriented.

    But the way the NDA /BJP is going in the direction of erasing other parties by their slogan of ' .... mukt rashtr' may become counterproductive in the long run for the nation and its democratic diversity.

    Let this government do something really good for the country and the people rather than mere verbose and illusory promises. They simply followed and implemented with more vigour many things they strongly opposed when they were in opposition. Black Money eradication, Mallya, Railway fares, Aadhaar , are all examples. I do not know what will be the US Visa issue, Indo-Pak issue, border security etc. before they complete the term.

    Still we keep hope and pray god that let everything be okay and god for the country and its people. A united opposition can still cause trouble to NDA. Let this be an alert and caution to do good.

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