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    Central Government has not shown accountability to demonetization program- What do you think ?

    After taking governance one of the drastic step taken by Mr.Modi is demonetization. With great opposition from political parties and people, Central government proceeded to complete the process. In the mean time government has given so many diverse announcement which confused everyone. Once the process is over Modi's government promised to bring out a white paper on the result of this process. Till now no such announcement and accountability seen either from RBI and Central government. As BJP's three years rule is over many TV channels conducting debates on Modi's rule. Many debaters condemning demonetization is simply advertisement tactic for the BJP party to create hype in people. What do you say about this issue
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    Mr. Modi has taken a daring step and abolished big notes. Everybody in the nation except opposition parties welcomed the move. Common man also accepted the change. It has given some result. But to what extent and in what way is need not be specified.

    Elections after the demonetization were in favor of BJP only. Probably the RBI may come out with its report shortly.
    Meanwhile government may also come out with white paper on that. IT department is very active now. They are trying to fix the people who deposited more amount in their accounts.

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    Demonetization was basically a move to unearth or remove black money from the market and it was quite successful in this objective.

    There are various side effects, reactions and after effects of this program but all of them were only a matter of debate as no adverse effect on growth were seen.

    The public at large has welcomed the program and may not bother for any clarificatory paper from Govt. Even the apprehensions of some top Govt officials did not come true after the program was over.

    Now at any time Govt may come out with a good report on the whole exercise with data collected by reserve bank and finance ministry.

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    Instead of blaming PM Modi for the demonetization and accountability, it is RBI which played spoil sport without doing proper homework and given free hand to the inside employees to play with old currency and mint money to the core. Even today it is alleged that RBI employees are joining hands with core group who brings old currencies in much quantity and exchange the same for fifty percent. That is the reason being so many people are having hopes to convert old currencies to new. RBI has failed to provide alternate arrangement to the genuine depositors and made them to suffer by standing in queue for taking their own money.
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