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Practice precis writing skills in this fun activity! Entries will be accepted up to 3p.m. on 22nd May 2017. Hurry - this is a quickie contest!
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    Showcase your precis writing skills in this fun activity

    While awaiting the decision of the jury panel on the winners of the creative writing story contest, here's a quickfire writing activity where you have to be brief. This is not a contest, with no big cash awards. Everyone who participates will get enhanced points & may get cash credits as per the quality, up to maximum Rs.30/-.

    What you have to do:
    Select any two of the words (these are the last words in the entries of the story contest) in the list below. In a response in this thread, submit a short write-up which can be an imaginative story, a crisp speech, a beautiful poem, a lovely song, an actual experience, a general write-up - anything at all - but it should not be same/similar to any of the earlier entries to the story contest. Do not put any HTML tags and no links allowed.

    It should be minimum 200 words and maximum 350 words, with the story beginning with one of the words and ending with the other word which you have selected from the list below.

    The words should be exactly as it is given in the list below. If you participated in the story contest, you can select your own ending word too.

    List of words:
    1. Heart (this word appeared as the last word in two entries, so mentioning it here only once)
    2. Say
    3. Family
    4. Dancing
    5. Mission
    6. Value
    7. Father
    8. Listening
    9. Long
    10. Here
    11. Since
    12. Within
    13. Wardrobe
    14. Honour
    15. Iron-box
    16. Case

    Example of an entry:
    [here, heart is the first word and father is the last word.]

    Closing time of entries: 3p.m., 22nd May 2017 (tomorrow).
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    I present my write up below.
    The two words used are :1. Family 2. Listening

    Family is the most basic, elementary unit of the larger society in which we are all part. It is the first cohesive unit we all get to experience. It is like atom, which is the last independent cohesively existing unit of an element. Thomas Jefferson is quoted saying "The happiest moments of my life have been the few which I have passed at home in the bosom of my family". In India there was a practice of Joint Family system. That offered security and solace to everyone in that unit. Nothing went extreme as each incident got properly moderated by the mutual binding and affection. At least a few of us are lucky to have enjoyed the love, affection and exceptional care and concern of our grandparents and grand uncles. Unfortunately, the curse of modern life is absence of a cohesive family unit and world trending to be individualistic. Family system is undergoing drastic change. With it goes the well knit binding of parent-child relationship too. That reflects in the social relationship. Instead of adjustment, accommodation and co-existence, the society moves to selfishness and self-centrist philosophy. The world is now under a serious scare of a third World war.(God forbid that). There is the threat of terrorism and extremism everywhere. They are all manifestation of the disappearance of family system,. What happens when an atom gets split? The result is Atomic Bomb. Same is the effect when family gets split. Weak, but sane voices still exhort ask us to go back to our joint family system Go back to Indian faith of "Vasudaiva Kudumbam"- Whole world is my family. That is the only solution to present ills. But regret, who is listening.

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    Listening to the music is the core habit of my daughter. She would listen to songs and even watch them on television when the exams are round the corner. We the parents would go tensed and even scold her to give attention to the studies than on the songs. But she says she would get more interest in studies and even remember the points only when the music is played or seen with her eyes. Normally distraction would be the cause for our failures but for my daughter music is not the distraction but it would pep up her remembrance power and if her choice music or songs are played then we can see her over joy and ecstasy that cannot be mentioned in words. What we felt that she is having a mania and mad about music. But our relatives and friends were just consoling us and supporting her that by listening to music her performance of studies do increase and that would reflect in her marks. Surely, when the marks are declared , she has been leading in the class and in fact in the school and college. So from we have also convinced her capacity and hold on the studies and no distraction what so every with the kind of music or song. Even the neighbors who visits us now and then on seeing her listening to music and having books on the hand, they too used to give advise. One of my relative even cited a Tamil proverb " Puthagam kaieley Budhiyo patiniley " that means the mind is on the song and the book is in the hand. However she proved wrong with others perception. Now a days she not only studies while listening songs but also raise and celebrate her scoring of marks with dancing.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    'Dancing with the Stars', was on air – it was a rerun, but Tanya didn't mind. She'd missed the episode last night, and looked forward to watching it today. Lunch was ready; she'd already placed it on the table. Adam would've to serve himself, she'd let him know that.

    She plonked herself in front of the television, just as the credits began to roll. Ding-dong, just then the doorbell chimed. "Who could it be"; thought a visually irritated Tanya. Adam wouldn't answer the door. She cursed under her breath as she slid off the couch to go see the door. Ding-dong, the bell went again.

    She flung the door open, to find her mother-in-law standing there. "Gosh!" she muttered, as the lady casually pushed her aside and sauntered into the house. Trouble never comes alone, they say, and sure enough, the entire entourage strolled in after her – her brother-in-law, his wife and their three kids, not to forget the father-in-law and Adam's youngest sister.

    Tanya closed the front door as calmly as she could; she'd wanted to bang it shut. She composed herself, even though she was fuming. "Couldn't they have called? Sunday is the only day I can relax, and these people drop in unannounced", she thought. Tanya walked into the hall and caught her mother-in-law placing the lid back on the rice bowl. She gave Tanya a look of disapproval that said is this all you made for lunch.

    Her Sunday was ruined; she could forget her favourite show. The young ones were already fighting over which channel to watch. "What unruly kids", she thought, even as she planted a smile on her face. In the seven months of her marriage, she'd perfected the art of concealing emotions her in-laws triggered in her. They too had mastered the art of infuriating her with their ways.

    She looked at Adam and mouthed the word lunch. "Who wants Pizza", he shouted. "Yay", went the kids. "No cheese for me and your father", said the mother-in-law. Tanya watched Adam; he was unflustered, he was actually happy, in the company of his family.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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    Here in India we have to use specially licenced vehicles to transport explosives. Generally the buyer will send his vehicle and collect the material after submitting all required documents. One day a buyer sent his vehicle to our factory for collecting explosives. As usual materials were loaded and vehicle left the unit with all required papers. After about 30 minutes I received a call from CI of Police from near by town saying that explosive van left our factory was emitting smoke and the driver stopped the vehicle opposite to railway station and ran away. He asked me to reach there immediately.
    It will take about 20 minutes to reach that place from our site. I know that if the explosives are under fire within seconds they will explode. If really it was an explosive caught fire by the time I reach there everything will be over. I will be under police.
    I reached the site. The vehicle was opposite to railway station. Slightly smoke is coming. One kilometer each side traffic was stopped. After observing the van and smoke I decided I will go near the van and observe. I have taken permission from CI and I asked everyone to remain away only. I went near the van and observed that the smoke is from the bottom of the van. I just gone down and seen that a cardboard sheet kept opposite to silencer is burning and it is emitting smoke. I called a person and asked him to take out that sheet. He removed it. Automatically smoke from under the van stopped

    Generally these drivers after reaching our factory, before allowing them inside they will spread cardboard sheet on the ground and sleep there. This driver kept that sheet opposite silencer. The sparks coming out from the silencer touched the card board and it started burning. A very big relief. The van was moved to a nearby vacant place. Traffic regularized. I asked our people to open the van and observed that everything was intact. The material was unloaded fully, inspected, re loaded and dispatched. Almost all this exercise took 3 hours. Then I started back to my unit.
    The CI appreciated the work done by me and after hearing the samemy heart started dancing.

    [Exceeds the word limit. Hence no extra points & cc given.]

    always confident

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    Since the time I joined the ISC in the year 2011, I had no time to spare for my wife who used to scold me daily saying" ISC... ISC.. ISC. What is this ISC? You are always busy with ISC. Why are you so mad with ISC? What is attractive at ISC? You don't eat in time. You don't sleep in time. You don't spare any time for me and our children. Let me go to my parents who would spare some time to care me." I used to tell her,"Darling, It is true that I am mad of ISC that keeps me busy. Tell me very sincerely, how much I can talk to you daily? You might get bored. You may not like it. Whereas in ISC, I have numerous members available for discussion on various subjects. May it be politics, society, entertainment, love matters, sports and what not and all, there are people with wisdom and knowledge to share. They arrange lovely contests, ask us to discuss various subjects of interest. ISC has excellent Web Masters, one Managing Editor, plenty of editors. Though the cash earning is not that attractive, the knowledge gaining is very high. I could improve my standard of English. I have written many articles that are being read by many netizens. I never thought in my life that I would write good articles for others to read. ISC gave me a platform to stand and showcase my creativity skill. Have you seen my profile page? Have you seen my Gifts and Awards received from ISC? I sincerely suggest you join ISC and become an active member. We both can be members of the world's best reputed educational portal ISC. We can discuss ISC topics at home for time pass and knowledge gaining. I feel proud of being a member of this site which is like a big family. My wife said," Darling, Please find an auspicious day and time for me to join the ISC family. I embraced her and said," My dear, You will be a great asset to the ISC family."

    @ My selected two words - Since & Family.

    No life without Sun

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    Just now returned from Fun and Food village, Kapashera, New Delhi. Based on the experience, my entry:-

    Since 10.30 in the morning, the family has been enjoying inside the amusement park. Father, mother, grandmother and two children-these are the five members of the family. We were just behind them at the time of entry. So we watch their activities. They have enjoyed most of the water rides and other rides. The father and the son go first. they are followed by the mother and the daughter. The grandmother generally does not take every ride. But even then she enjoys a lot. She mainly remains in the small pool and at the 'lazy river'. The family then visits the water dance floor. Every member of the family enjoys immensely and performs rain dance.

    But what is so remarkabe about this average family? The boy. The boy has a distorted face, he can't walk properly. He doesn't speak, he explains his needs through hand-signals to the other members. But I find no other member of the family, even the little girl, feels any discomfort/inconvenience because of the boy. His father lovingly takes him to the rides. When they realise that any particular ride would be dangerous for the boy, the entire family skips it. When they visit the attached restaurant, the grandmother and mother of the boy lovingly feed him. The small girl brings a tissue paper for her elder brother and wipes the food. There is a perfect bonding among all members of the family which is beyond my description. The handicapped boy is the cynosure of the eyes of the other members of the family.

    [Beginning with : Since; Ending with: Family]

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    My two words are since and value.

    Since my pregnancy started I was always worried and kept wondering how well would I bond with my baby, how can I handle motherhood and take up all the challenges and responsibilities coming my way. I always being a easy go by nature assumed that life will be very difficult henceforth. I started thinking how well I can connect with my baby. All my thoughts were cleared as soon as I delivered a sweet little baby girl. Tears of joy started rolling down my eyes as I heard her first cry. Was waiting and wanting to hug her. I understood bonding and connecting with baby happens automatically which is always very strong. I understood motherhood is a wonderful feeling and when I held my baby in my arms and hugged her, I could sense a different sort of happiness that I had never experienced and I was on top of the world. I am enjoying being a mother, taking care of my girl and doing everything for her. Mother's love and affection is so strong that nothing in the world can match it's value.

    [Does not adhere to rule of min.200 words. Hence extra points & cc not given.]

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    Here the 2 words used are 1. Here 2. Family

    Here is a Toy Shop located in the heart of the city. The toys were beautifully arranged in order to attract people especially kids. The size, color, texture all were factors that played key role in attracting kids to that shop. No toys believed that they were superior or inferior. But they know their intention is only to keep the kids happy. One day Mrs and Mr Andrew were visiting the toy shop and their aim was to present some toys for their daughter Mia's birthday celebration. The toys were listening to the people who were talking with their owners. In some places of the world like USA, when kid's birthdays are celebrated, usually they will receive gifts. In turn they need to give some return gifts to the persons/kids. The toys were so happy as they were getting ready for their new duty. The persons came to each rack and selected their preferable toys one by one. They filled the cart, paid the amount and returned home with those toys.

    The day before birthday was very busy for Andrew's family. They had to remove the price tags and wrap them beautifully and finally place them in the gift bags one by one. The toys were very happy to see their beautiful wrapping papers. They definitely believed that kids will have a curiosity to open the paper and see them hiding inside it. The gift bags were arranged beautifully and the name of kids were written on it as Andrew and his wife took great care to select the toys based on kid's age. After making necessary arrangements, the whole family went for a deep sleep.

    Today is the happy birthday for Mia. She was so excited to celebrate this day with her friends and relatives. Every friend came with a small gift for Mia. The time came and all her friends gathered around the table to cut the cake. After dinner, every kid returned with their gifts from Mia. They all thanked Mia's family.

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    A fictitious tale inspired from the real life story of dancer Sudha Chandran

    Dancing was what she craved for ever since she first learned to walk. It was one activity she loved the most as she was growing up. She was always glued to the TV whenever a dance program was being aired. She was a self-learner and picked up the steps from those programs itself. It didn't take her long to adorn her feet with her dancing shoes and before she could step into her teens she was already mesmerizing people with her dancing skills at every local function, school stage and dance competition. It was the classical steps she favoured the most, but was equally adept at folk and western dance forms too. Her fame was spreading all over and she was a celebrity in her locality and the neighbourhood.

    But destiny had something else stored for Sandhya. In a freak road accident, she lost one of her legs. She was left devastated. Her dreams of becoming a dancer of repute now lay in shambles. However, she didn't get disheartened. The doctors had attached a prosthetic leg. After returning from her hospital bed, she again took to lessons; this time to walk. Soon she was on her both legs and on one fine day took to dancing too. Here she was, with fire burning inside her and the zeal to excel, Sandhya picked up her dancing skills once again. There was no going back now. Adorning her dancing shoes, this time on her prosthetic leg, she was soon back to the same expert level as she was prior to her accident. She was now a famous dancer, performing at every world stage and making good money. Her ambitions were however, not yet over. Other than lessons on dancing she had learnt a lesson or two of life too. She set up a dance academy for those like her, who had aspirations of making it big in dancing but are not able to do so because of disability or poverty. To help each and every one realize their dancing aspirations is now her mission.

    Patience and perseverance pays

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    Mission of my life is to live my dreams,
    To achieve the height, for which my soul screams.

    I want to live for my family and fulfill their desires,
    For which I can even burn my plans on fires.

    I have a wish to travel very far,
    To touch the sky and shining stars.

    "The World is beautiful" is what I have heard,
    I want to witness the same with my work hard.

    The God has created so many natural wonders,
    And I want to hunt for them like treasure hunters.

    Apart from all these, I have one wish list,
    Which mentions about my hobbies which are with twists.

    I want to learn classical music with a hip hop dance,
    Wish to try archery if I will get a chance.

    Art is something, on which I want to try my hand,
    The list goes long without any end.

    Now comes the adventures which I would love to try,
    This will make me feel the fear and I will even cry.

    It includes Bungee jumping and valley crossing from very high,
    Water rafting, Paragliding-Skydiving in the blue sky.

    Being a food loving, want to taste different foods,
    Obviously only vegetarians with different moods.

    Cooking is an art I want to learn as soon as possible,
    But for me, it seems next to impossible.

    Lastly I want to mention in the ending,
    I want to die with my heart dancing.


    Living & Learning- simultaneous processes!

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