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    I am not able to succeed in making my blog successful

    I own a blog adress but I don't know what to write about. I m not versed in doing any single or particular thing. I do try new recipes almost daily, I do yoga, I have done Btech in IT, I M PURSUING MA in Counseling Psychology, I have a good dressing sense, I know a lot about beauty regimes. But still i m not satisfied with ideas abt what to write in my blog.
    Also I had joined adsense but bcoz of my inactiveness my acc got disapproved later. I don't know how I can do it all alone. Can anybody help me step by step? I already have a blog address and written 4 blogs over there with snapdeal and amazon ads in them. Few days back I have created a page on FB too where I have shared all my 4 blogs nd ptomoted that page amobg my friends which brought a decent traffic to my blogs within 2 days. But what's next? What to write now? How to improve? And last but not the least how to monetize my blogs so that I can also have satisfaction of earning myself...
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    When ever you attempt a job, be keen and well versed to reach the target. It seems you have the habit of getting in to doubts habit and that is spoiling your progress. When you are qualified person and know the content writing, you must start writing in your own blogs with confident on any subject which you feel very comfortable. Once you start writing, the confidence level would boost up and that would pave way for new and varied content writing in your own blog. Moreover move with those people who are bloggers and get their valuable suggestions as to how to move further.

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    Creating a blog is not difficult. But how to get more traffic to this is the question. By simply putting some adds or some pictures we may not get good traffic. We have to decide on the item which we want cover in our blog. We have write some small articles and others using our skills. When you start that, you may get some visitors. Slowly you can start writing articles and definitely you will get more traffic. Try hard.
    always confident

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    Pooja, ISC data bank has many articles on blog writing and related matters which will help you to overcome the present situation. Please type out blog/ blog writing in our search box, press' enter' and look for the results. I am sure that you will find enough material to help you sort out your problem.

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    When you run out of things to write, go out, explore!( By the way, chat language or shortcuts are prohibited in forums). I have two facebook pages, four blogs and I admin five facebook groups. You did a great job by sharing it on Facebook. Try to put it more in Facebook groups. Link it up to Whatsapp contacts too. You can get inspired by the forums and articles here too. And try to add pictures and other accessories to your blog. Start to follow people randomly in Wordpress or Blogger.
    That goes for promotion. Now actual writing part. Write about your friends, hobbies, neighbors, favorite food etc..;
    Make a concentric circle. Place yourself in the center and start drawing your surroundings in outer circles. This is the way of approach that will replenish you with new ideas everyday. Be updated about current affairs too.

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