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    Why our corrupt Industrialists and politicians escape to London when charge sheeted ?

    We all know that when Vijaya Mallaya was about to be arrested on the complaints of Banks for his non payment of loan amounts worth many crores, he escaped to London in cool way. Now Chidambaram son Karti Chidambaram who is being tried for the money laundering has escaped to London. India must discuss with London and bring all those wrong doers who are taking shelter in that country in the garb of security treaty for asylum seekers. I think PM Modi must intervene in this matter and have a fresh treaty with UK government to bring all hooligans back to India and arrest them.
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    As he is having businesses all over the world,I think, Chennai – London tickets are available easily!

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    It is true. How they are getting visa I don't understand . When a normal citizen applies for a visa they do lot of inquiry for clearing the visa application. They ask many questions to give permission. But these people, with such a back ground and having cases filed by banks, get the visa easily. Really It is a puzzle to me. I have applied for a Visa to go to US in 2009 to attend a seminar for explosive engineers. The US Embassy called me to Chennai. I attended there. They have given a big list of questions. I have to answer and submit with in 7 day. It was done. They took more than 3 months to give the visa. By the time I got my Visa the seminar was over. But another seminar was there in US. I attended the same using the visa for 1 year.
    If really Indian government tries sincerely, they might have stopped him going. But politician are behind these industrialists. They never surrender. Common man will be suffering like this for ever.

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    What I suggest that when ever ED propose to raid any person they must first impound their pass port so that they wont fly by night.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Srinivasa Rao,
    There are different categories of visa that you can apply for to visit the UK. The most common visa types granted are probably ones with 6 months validity and one-year validity. Travellers can enter the country, any number of times within the period of the visa validity.

    Individuals who keep going back to the country for business or to visit children settled there are granted long-term visas for up to 10 years. Individuals can enter the country any number of times during the period the visa is valid but can stay in the country for no longer than 180 days, at a stretch. Such individuals do not have to reapply for a visa each time.

    What people with long term visas do is, leave the country for a week or so, and enter again. Vijay Mallaya probably has a long-term visa to the UK since his businesses are spread in the country.

    However, a long-term visa is generally not granted for the first visit.

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