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    Dignified failure is always better than undeserved success.

    We see that some people are successful but only after following a wrong path. There is always no value for such success. Also that person might not have enough peace of mind as he would know how he became successful. And the success ladder won't last long or will not last forever and one fine day they will step down the ladder. While there are people who are happy even after failure for they have not taken any wrong path to get what they want. They will be well dignified and self respected people. And since being dignified they will find success in a dignified way and reach the skies. So dignified failure is always better than undeserved success.
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    Very thought provoking thread from the author. Some people do take to short cut method of getting name and fame and even to the extent of getting education and eventually fall from the eyes of family, friends and relatives. We all know obtaining a degree certificate after doing the three year course with internals, tests and other lab tests would bring much knowledge and satisfaction. But some students are taking wrong path, as instead of studying through normal course, they are resorting to taking duplicate degree through unscrupulous elements and thus sooner or later they are caught for the their wrong doing and the entire life is gone behind the bars. As you said dignified failure after sincere attempt in the exam can be understood by the family and friends but no one would be ready to digest undeserved success which comes suddenly and vanishes in huff and left the person in lurch.
    K Mohan
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    The remarks made by the author may be ethically correct. But we see that people remember success and look down upon failure. And with the passage of time, people forget how success was achieved.

    So, let us forget about failure. Let us try to acheive success.

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    Ms. Sushma has posted a good thread. Always we should have some self respect and ethics. We may be successful or not, we should not lose our self respect and ethical values. Somebody asks us to kill a man and as a reward they will promise us crores of rupees. But we should not accept. Whatever we can earn by normal ways is always brings in lot of satisfaction.

    We should always put in our best efforts to be successful. After trying 100% also, if there is a failure, we need not worry. We can see why there is a failure and try again by correcting ourselves and we will be successful. Instead of that we want to find out a short cut, you may be out of problem presently. But inside you will have a fear that we may have to face the music for our short cut. You can't enjoy fully. So don't try unethical ways and means for success. A failure is always a stepping stone for success.

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    Success is always accepted. Success gets adoration,admiration,envy and and following. Unless and until it is proved and made public that the same is obtained by immoral and illegal ways, no one bothers how one became successful. Failure can be philosophised. But it is only for self satisfaction and to motivate the failed novices.
    If only one is not able t achieve success, the next is to admire a dignified failure.

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    I totally agree with this . Failures are the stepping stone to success so if we fail we should.stand up and try again. Every failure means a new experience from which we learn and understand things from different perspectives.
    If we get the success that we do not deserve then even after being successful it becomes difficult to maintain it. Lack of experience, lack of knowledge and lack of patience will definitely bring us down.
    These are the basic qualities which repeated failures teach us. When we look at the successful people we cannot ignore their failures. The dignity and respect with which they carry themselves and their calm and composed nature are due to the failures they have seen.

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