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    Decision taking attitude less in women says Congress leader Kapil Sibal . Any comment ?

    We all know Kapil Sibal was the Minister during Indira Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi leadership in Congress party and he is also a lawyer my profession. He said that women does not have the guts to take decisions as quickly as possible when compared to men. This observation made by him is going rounds in the social media with interesting comments on it. While men are habituated to tackle the challenges and situation, women would think twice to take any decision and probably that makes them to go slow. What is your comment on this ?
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    Needless to mention that whatever Kapil Sibal or other secular intellectuals say to defend people with medieval mentality, is 100% correct. Who are we, the 'mango people', to comment upon their wisdom, or lack of it?
    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    But Congress is under the presidentship of a woman only most of the times recently. Indira gandhi and now Sonia Gandhi and then comes Priyanka Gandhi. So probably what he has having in mind may be the debacle of Congress may be due to less decision taking attitude of these Madams.

    But here is a point. How Jayalalithaa was so famous in Tamilnadu. People cried for her. Why people worshiped her that much. May be her decision of social welfare activities attracted them more. If she has not taken timely decisions of giving so many sops to poor, she might not have remembered long.

    So what I feel it is not that all women can't take decision and men will take decisions. Our former prime minister. Mr. P.V.Narasimha Rao, waiting long before taking a decision. It is not that he was not able to take a decision. Not taking a decision immediately, is the decision taken for now. Afterwards, again they will review and take a decision. We can't generalise any thing like this.

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    It need not be generalised the way Kapil Sibal said. At may, at the most, read in the context it was said by him. There also it may not be appreciated by many. Women have proved themselves and there may be many examples in the history contrary to what Sibal said.

    "Semper Sursum"

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    I feel, this observation has varied dimension.

    Just think…..

    If all of them start taking challenges, all of them entering into all walks of life, all of them entering into every field and start using power just like men ,…………….what will happen?

    Atrocities against them, which is prevalent today, will be stopped.

    How many political parties are willing to reserve 50% seats for women in their constituencies? Will male ego allow it?

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