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    If there is no ups and downs in life, it is the indication that your innings are over.

    Almighty is maintaining the trial balance of every Individual on daily basis and based on that tabulations, he gives good moments and some times challenging situations in life. Life is all about learning from the upsets and enjoying when the things turn favor to us. But without ups and downs in life, one cannot enjoy it really. One more thing if one does not experience ups and down in life, then that is the indication that your innings are over. Some may say the stagnant phase in life is good but that is otherwise. Any comment on this.
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    Good times and bad times will always will be there in life. Similarly ups and downs will also be there. As it come we have to face it and overcome the problems. That is the life. As you said if life is without any ups and downs, it is an indication that you are stagnant. It is not good to be stagnant always. There should be a hope for better and try to achieve the better by struggling for that. Then only we can enjoy our life. Stagnation is not an indication of end but no improvement. So always we have to try for improvement. In that pursuit we may be getting some problems. But don't give up. Go on trying. You will reach your goal. Of course whatever we are due we will get it. Ultimate is destiny. But you have to make your attempt always
    always confident

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    I beg to differ. Absence of ups and downs does not indicate that it is end of active life.

    I consider it as the stable phase of life. It is only the rocky edges of shallow sea that waves dance. In the high seas where there is depth the surface is calm. The current if flowing is invisible on the surface. Ships keep away from the wavy, shallow sea.

    Similarly a life of sedate calmness is indicative of stability ; controlled and focused action and activity of a balanced and mature life.

    In fact in our prayers we seek such a good situation where there is Shanti or tranquillity and stability.

    We do not pray for turbulence, but we want Shanti and calmness. That is not the silence of inaction, but lasting stability . The Hindu Trinity also gives the 'Shaantam' of Vishnu the prime position for the 'Sthithi' status; not the Shivam of rapturous dance.

    Om Shanti Shanti Shanti:

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