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    Should teenagers be given freedom

    One morning I heard Riya shouting loudly at her mom that she wanted freedom. Riya is a 15 year old girl in my neighborhood. She is active, enthusiastic and helpful so I was little disturbed when I heard her shouting. Actually teenage is a period which is like a waterfall where water is falling from a height making all kinds of noise, knowing no boundaries. So what kind of freedom teenagers talk about. They actually do what they want to do.
    Today when I look around I see that they demand freedom from their parents, their family who is their support system. Parents should make children realize and understand that one does not get freedom by shouting one has to earn it by proving ones worth. Sense of responsibility and performing it whole hearted automatically gives you the desired freedom because it makes you trustworthy. So before demanding freedom make yourself worth it so that you can proudly say because I am worth it.
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    That is true. Freedom can't be asked. You have to prove that you worth it. Once you prove this you need not demand for it. It will come to you.

    Teenage is a age of transformation. They will be bubbling with lot of enthusiasm and will not give importance for certain things. If elders tell something they feel that these elders are coming in their way of their progress. But if they were left as per their wishes, afterwards life long they may have to suffer. So parents and teachers should have an eye on them and try to see that they are not on wrong path.

    Parents should become mentors to them. They should know their requirements and judge properly where to leave them and where not? In some issues you can give importance to their wish . You decide what type and what cost clothes they can wear. But leave the selection of colour and design to them. Then they will also feel happy and get confidence on you.

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    What I feel when the parents understand the child right from the beginning of making in to a adolescent , and they know what the child wants and what kind of freedom they expect. A child cannot insist that she go alone to a movie not accompanying anyone from the home or others. A child cannot insist that she goes to have lunch or dinner with others neglecting the family members. When the parents inculcate the habit of sharing and eating with others or even discussing the issues with others, there cannot freedom being insisted by any child. Any way up to the age of completion of teen, child cannot be given freedom.
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    Freedom without restrictions can lead to chaos. It is quite natural for teenagers to develop a feeling that they have grown up and should be allowed to do things at their own will. It is actually a period of confusion where one feels that he is matured but he is not, one feels that he is aware of things but he is not, one feels that he can take independent decisions but he cannot. So, parents and elders need to play a balancing act so that neither the ego (may be temporary) of the teenager is hurt nor is he allowed to go astray. Being diplomatic does not, generally, bring in good results in certain circumstances. They need to be told in straight terms as to why a restriction has been placed on them and why they need to follow the advice of parents or elders. They need to be explained about the practical side of life and must be made to realize why they were wrong.

    I agree with the author that they need to be told that we need to be convinced by their actions and not just words. With the internet giving free access to a wide area of information, children have started believing in whatever is mentioned therein and takes such information for granted; they don't have the patience to recheck or cross-check the contents for their veracity. So, they need to be guided properly and be brought closer to real life so that they start assessing life in the true and practical perspective. To add up, shouting or speaking in a loud voice is considered as an easy method of assertion by youngsters (by elders too at times) which must be discouraged right from the beginning as it can bring in negative results.

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    There was a saying 'One's freedom is upto the next man's nose'. Like this freedom can be given to youngster to extent of not affecting our own culture and his or her life. can we freedom to our children to drink or smoke with father or mother. can we allow our daughters to freely date with others by following western culture? can we allow our children to roam during the examination time as will it not affect his own whole life? Freedom can be given in any matter only by having a limit or control. (Here if we type controle, it gets red underline as per US English and can we argue that the British one is wrong?)We should have freedom, limitation etc., according to our own culture.

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    Teen-agers should be given reasonable freedom. If freedom is not given, it may hamper their future life. At the same time, complete freedom may harm them in future. So, there must be a balance. How much freedom is required to be given to the teen-agers depends upon the guardians, who can appropriately decide based upon their family background.
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    Freedom is easy to earn and hard to maintain.
    Teenagers must be given freedom. It's only then they will know their responsibilities. Parents have raised them and gave them a cocktail of morals and values since an early age. Hence, there's no need to worry so much.
    It's natural for teens to revolt against their parents. It's a phase. I'm sure Riya will be alright and she earns her freedom.

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