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    Keep Smiling- It will add value to your face

    To smile is a good habit. Don't laugh at others. But smile at others. If you are smiling you will appear more pretty.

    People like to talk to others who will always have a smile on their face. If you are very serious no smile on your face, nobody likes to talk to you and you can't become friendly with others.

    Small kids also show their happiness if you smile at them. Instead of that if you are serious, no kid will see your face and play with you.
    Smile is an indication of happiness and satisfaction. A smiling man is always happy.
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    The author has well presented the difference between smile and laugh. While smile can change even the mind set of our enemy and he may even surrender to us. But laugh may lead to miss understanding and some times quarrel erupts for laughing at others. Normally we wont smile at others. But when we are traveling in train or bus when the journey is for many hours, it is better to sport a smile with immediate passengers and thus our journey would be easy and not tedious. But when you laugh even with your friends, other presume that you are cracking joke at them and doing the mischief..
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I feel that smile is god -given gift to us. It can do wonders. I have read and influenced by many quotations on smile.

    One such I quote much is " Smile is a curve that makes many things straight".

    Today I received a Good Morning message in whatsapp which said:

    " Smile is the best credit card because it is accepted wide, auto reloaded,unlimited usage, no payment; it keeps everyone happy so keep smiling'" How nice, how true!

    If we give money, materials, or even books to others they delay or fail to return. But smile is something people return immediately on your giving it. Just test and experience it.

    To smile, it needs the minimum exertion only than any other activity. But i gives maximum pleasure to others. It can ease a tense atmosphere. A timely sincere smile can (like timely apology) avoid many litigation too. Smile can relax and loosen the tightness of ego.

    There is abundant stock of smile with us ,so why to be miserly in smiling? The irony is that nowadays we use too many smileys in our communications, but too less real smiles.Time to revers that.

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    There is no harm in having a smile on our face and we don't have to pay any money to smile. We should keep smiling and also people like the one's who have smiling face rather than the one's who are serious all the time. But one should smile whole heartedly and should not fake their smile.
    Also a person looks prettier when he wears a smile on his face rather than frowing his face all the time. So we should smile and there is no loss in it.

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    I read in one book that to smile we use 17 muscles and to show anger in our face we use 46 muscles. It is good always to keep our face smiling as the face otherwise drive others from us. I have one manager who keeps a good face always but during the increment time of his subordinates his face found stiff. It is bad to keep one's face stiff ever and with smiling face only we can succeed in all of our actions.

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