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    What will be the fate of small cities and towns in future

    These days we see that everyone wants to go to big cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi etc and find a job there. Even small vendors, farmers educate their children well enough so that they become engineers, doctors etc and move to a big city to lead a luxurious life. We see that metropolitan cities are growing very fast and even population is increasing day by day. We see so many people from different places coming to metropolitan cities in search of job, business etc.
    If that is the case were everyone are moving to big cities then what will be the fate of small towns and villages.
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    The author has raised a important point through this post. Over the years it has been seen exodus of people seeking green pastures and they are settling in the big cities and Metros for bright future. Villages and towns are having farmers and petty shop owners who are catering to the people of those areas. Every one wants their children to prosper and thus they have a house at village and make the children study in big cities staying at hostel and coming to the home town or village for festivities and vacations. This has been happening for those who cannot forgo their village lives..
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    Yes. This is a big problem, we are facing.
    If we go to a village we will see only retired people or people who can't move from there only. Many houses in villages are empty and getting spoiled.Even we offers these houses for somebody to stay without any rent, nobody is ready to stay. Earlier days the employees of government who work in villages used to stay in the same village. But now they are also going to the nearby city and commuting from there. a school teacher in a village is also not staying there.
    I think mainly Government is responsible for this. All the development activities are concentrated around the big cities only. So people are migrating for a better life. If the Government concentrates on the development all around in small towns and villages only we can stop this migration. Government has to work out a major plan to develop the villages and small towns in a big way.

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    I think moving or migration is life. There is no life in stagnation. You cannot live as an ancient relic in this tremendously unpredictable world. You must adapt in order to survive. It sure looks like cities are the only salvation.
    So leaving behind towns is the only choice we have. There is no other practical or feasible solution atleast. You can blame the whole world, but it still wont change nothing. So it's better to move on rather than getting perished.
    According to me, mankind is doing the right thing by giving itself a safe haven called "cities" and everyone has a right to stay safe.

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    Large cities have started becoming congested and getting stagnated. Hence satellite cities are forming.
    Our former President APJ Abdul Kalam has visioned PURA- Providing Urban Facilities in Rural Areas. That will reduce the migration to cities.
    Expansion of e-facilities will help in that direction.

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