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    Not all are welcoming the rain

    Yesterday we got some respite. Yesterday evening there was a light to medium shower all over Delhi. As a result, the temperature came down by 5 to 7 degree celsius. The pleasant weather has continued today also. I thought that all Delhi-ites have been welcoming the rain and pleasant weather, but I was mistaken.

    Today morning, while going to the office, I found that a contractor and his labours were cursing yesterday's rain. Actually they have been reconstructing the road adjacent to our office. Yesterday's shower has harmed the progress of their work. A fruit-seller known to me also opined that the sudden shower may hamper the production of mangoes.

    So, not all Delhi-ites are welcoming the shower and consequent pleasant weather!
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    Yesterday and day before yesterday in the evening time for about one hour we had heavy rain in Guntur city of A.P. Afterwards even though the sky appears to be partially cloudy but the heat waves are not still reduced. Today the city temperature still 46 degrees Celsius. Because of this rain power supply is disrupted for four hours on the first day of rain.

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    It is another example of human irony. Our tolerance and accommodation is all relative.
    The same person will have different reaction to the same thing at different times.

    This is same with that of rains too.
    When there is water scarcity, we yearn for rains.But when there is a cricket match to take place, we pray that rains do not come and spoil the play. The farmer wants rain to pour on certain days. We fix a marriage function on that day and put offering in temple that it should not rain.

    One year when floods come we curse rain, the next year when summer is harsh we plead to rain god for early rains. That is human nature. Dissatisfied always.We want everything as we wish.

    @ 598913 "Today the city temperature still 46 degrees Celsius. Because of this rain power supply is disrupted for four hours on the first day of rain."
    The other side is: power supply got disrupted in my place due to rain and thunder.

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    The sudden shower accompanied by thunder and gale would be bothersome to many who have dig up for constructions, some farmers may be worried as their crop especially the mango which would have been ripened in few days would have been destroyed. The banana plantation would also get destroyed. So for the common man the rain may be a respite and even for him the next would be of high humidity. Therefore sudden change in climate is the bothersome to many. But one or two rains during summer is expected and we cannot avoid it and one has to go through the ordeal.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The untimely role played by the rain is not welcomed by all. Rain should please us by presenting itself during the monsoon season only. This is the time for heat or abnormal heat to bear with. A small or little shower won't help us. Instead, it would increase the heat from the earth with its little water. Such rains are not beneficial but provides a temporary cool for few hours only.
    Oh Rain God,
    Please come on the right day to shower in a right way to please the people on this good earth, and go away on the right day without any much flood to suffer.

    No life without Sun

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    In one tamil cine song, some lines were like,'Markazhi matham veyilai thedukiraai, aprilil mazhaiyai naadukiraai' which means 'searching for sunlight in winter and rain in summer'. Like this it is natural of human that we are always thinking about us only and not for whole. How many of us praying in the Temple for Lokakshemam? Rain is indispensable for farmers but hate for city living people. The reason for hate in city people also because of improper draining of rainwater:only people around us polluting the improper drainage as we are not adhere the advice of Government to provide for rain water harvest, we are putting all wastes in to the gutter and road, if we are doing like this, where the rainwater flow out, it remains on the road and make flood. Next, summer, the summer also so hot only because of our actions of cutting trees and thereby preventing rainfall and thereby the heat is over in summer more than the normal. By hearing foreign advice, we are discussing about ozone etc., by forgetting the same advice was given in Meenakshi Temple of Madurai more than 700 years earlier.(refer We are adhering advice of others than our own people.
    In Thirukkural, the stess have been given that the importance should be given only for mostly benefited. Accordingly the rain should be welcomed as it is most important to farmers and thereby for everybody as they are the only people feeding us.

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    Rains in summer are called as untimely rains. The rains what we experience in this period may bring some happiness for a little time. But it will have some other side impacts also.

    Today a small shower of rain indicates that tomorrow will be very hot. It is practically observed, by many, many times. Another aspect is it will spoil the mango crop and cultivators will be at a loss. Generally today some rain in summer, tomorrow we see many raw mangoes in the market.

    One advantage is the next day we need water our plants in the garden. Otherwise everyday we have to water them.

    Another point I want to mention is all these happenings are really due to the abuse of environment by the human beings. Summer will come early. Summer will last long. Summer will be very severe. If we put one question, 'Why' to ourselves the answer is ' Because of us'.

    We never give importance for environment upkeep. We cut trees. We will never plant trees. We try to be happy in AC room leaving all hazardous gases into the air. We want always separate vehicle and never use public transport. These vehicle will consume lot of oxygen from air to burn the fuel and leave carbon dioxide in the air.

    Instead of scolding rains, let us stop the actions which are spoiling the nature. Rain is very much required for cultivation. Without farmers we don't have food. So let us always pray for timely rains.

    always confident

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    Mr. Pattabiraman (#598929): You have stated "the same advice was given in Meenakshi Temple of Madurai more than 700 years earlier". I find this interesting. I request you to kindly elaborate the matter for our knowledge.
    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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