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    Use Adapter chargers as per compare to local power banks

    One must Use adapter chargers as per compare to power banks as local power banks cause many harms to battery and reduce the life of mobile battery . One must make sure to use branded power bank not local ones .
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    Power banks are used by people mostly when they are travelling and have no power-socket beside them. And I don't think that power banks will ever trade places with chargers. It is true that power banks charge quickly and efficiently though. And you can use your phone while it's on power bank because it's safe to do so. And it is the overcharging of the batteries that causes the problem not the power bank itself.
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    As Aditya Mohan mentioned, power bank is used by people mainly for travelling purpose and when there is no socket to charge their phone. In case there is a power cut also power bank is used. I do not think using power bank reduces the battery life as I have not experienced any such issues till now. I am using power bank since 3 years.

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    I use power bank regularly. I am, using almost from last 7 years. I have no problem in using these power banks. Mainly I use during my travel. I have not experienced any difficulty. So you need not worry about using power banks. But don't overcharge your battery.
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    I am also of the opinion that usage of power banks does not reduce the life of the cell phone battery. In fact one of my relative is using power bank since many years and that keeps him connected to the world always.
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    Its right that power banks were invented basically to help when one is unable to use charger due to unavailability of mains line. It also does not harm the batteries.

    The batteries are generally harmed due to wrong charging time.
    Normally a battery should be charged as soon as it comes down to 5-10 % and should be charged to about 90-95 % value. Operating batteries beyond these limits reduces their life span.

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    Power banks are just back up facility. They come to use when the normal power supply is out and we need to charge our devices. Power banks come handy at places where there are no facility of charging , like when we are on travel in a bus etc.
    I have used different power banks and felt that they are quite useful and handy when needed.

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