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    Job vs Business for freshers

    As a fresher just completing your academic years, are you confused about whether to start your own venture or take up a job? Join in the interesting discussion in this thread.

    One must know the basic difference in a job and in a business before going to choose a particular area. There are many pros and cons of both. For example, in a job there is fixed income, whereas in business there are fluctuations of income; but one can enjoy the ownership in business which is not so in a job. Hence, every fresher must go through all aspects and must be fully prepared to choose whether they want a job or a business before selecting any field.
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    Happy to see a good topic in our forum. Good beginnings at ISC! Do use this forum as a platform to work on your English skills. Some fine tuning in grammar will help to make for better reading (I have made the necessary corrections in the text above.)

    Let's hope to see some informative insights from ISCians on this topic - working vs own business.

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    And business ventures or startups require a huge capital in the initial stages. And it's a pretty huge responsibility. Can a freshman handle it? I don't think so. So here's the thing, do a job for few years or months, and observe the administration there. Get inspiration and innovation from your previous job. Now invest both the money and ideas into your business. Your experience teaches you more than your degree ever will. You are disciplined, thorough, stress-free, cool and responsible now. Best part is, you can recruit your former colleagues.
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    I agree with Mr.Aditya Mohan. A fresher right from college without any experience starting a business may give raise to many problems. Basically freshers will have bookish knowledge and practical knowledge is to be gained. I have seen many entrepreneurs who are successful in business. Their experience helped them in achieving success more than their education.

    The best way of doing is, after your college join a good Organisation and work for 2 to 3 years to gain practical knowledge. Then you can think of start ups. Doing it alone is difficult. 2 or 3 like minded people forming a startup company is very much advisable.

    I never suggest losing money for gaining experience. Before joining in the job itself you decide on your line which you want to startup and take up a job in the same line for 2 or 3 years. By the time you get this experience you will become mature enough to handle multi tasks at a time

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    Our job is also may be part of another's business. So even if the aim is business, it is not bad to join a jobs in the same or related line and acquire practical experience and theoretical knowledge .

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