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    Trying to follow Ahibhushan Malik-so far unsuccessful

    Late Ahibhushan Malik was a famous artist, illustrator and cartoonist. He learnt painting in Paris and was very famous in West Bengal during fifties, sixties and seventies. However, this famous artist was very child-like in nature. He used to play various pranks on his relatives, friends and neighbours with a deadpan face. For example, he used to see notice boards in many of the houses of his neighbours and friends with the caution 'ekhane kukur achhe' (rough translation: Beware of dogs'). One day after returning from his morning walk, he put up a prominent notice at the gate of his house which stated: 'ekhane kukur nei' (Translation: 'There is no dog in this house'). Many neigbours and relatives, while visiting the house, read upto 'kukur' (dog) and became very nervous and anxious! When they complained, Ahibhushan said with all seriousness: "This is to impart an important lesson. Always read the whole sentence carefully."

    I also tried to follow Late Ahibhushan Malik in the following thread: An empty box....., but was totally unsuccessful.
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    Haha, great! I wouldn't call him creative, but sly for that. Human brain's actually quite lazy. In order to save energy it works on hints to provide us with information. So as soon as you see the first two words, you can actually make out the meaning of the sentences ,well that is most of the times. But in times like these, the special feature of our brain works not for our benefit.
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    I am also having the habit of not reading full sentence. Another point is many of us will see the first and last letter of the word and read the sentence. So we are not good proof readers. Many times it happens. I read 2 or 3 times what I have written. Even then sometimes I will be missing some mistakes in the spelling of the words. By seeing the first and the last letter of the word our brain works very fast and tell you the word. Sometimes it will mislead us and we will end up with a mistake.
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    By not reading the sentence in full the consequences are well reported by the author citing the antics of Ahibhushan Malik. In society there are some people who are born to create prank and try to win our hearts of others by their antics.
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