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    What if I don't have an Adsense account

    Hello, everyone!
    I wanted to ask that would I be paid for my articles etc by ISC even if I don't have an active Adsense account?
    Thank you!
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    Yes Pooja, you will get paid for your articles. There is no connection between having or not having an AdSense account and the payment programs offered here. Note though, that your articles should be of good quality with content presented well using HTML tags and not have text copied from printed matter or online sources. It is advisable to first participate in forum discussions, answer a few queries in the Ask Expert section, work on English & writing skills and then only move to submission of articles. Please go through the various Help topics as well because it is important to understand the guidelines of various sections before contributing on a bigger scale.
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    Yes. Adsense revenue program is different and ISC payments are different. You will get payment from ISC even though you don't have a adsense account. As suggested by Ms. Vandana, you can follow the sequence so that you have a better understanding. Help topics are very useful. All the best to you.

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    Yes, for approved articles, the Members get paid by the ISC Management. Moreover, the top Members also get revenue share every month. AdSense earning is an additional bonus which is lucrative.
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    Please understand that a member who joins this site gets income through various sources such as cash credits from the article submitted and approved, cash credits for giving best answer in the ask experts section as a expert, cash credits from the forum section if a good thread is raised or a best answer is given and like wise every month top 20 members of this site gets the revenue share bonus which would be shared as per their contributions. All these incomes are no way connected to the adsense revenue program of Google. And besides there are every chance of getting Tow award, best forum thread, star of the week, star of the month and so on.
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