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    Dream; A story of caring and compassion.

    "I want two thousand rupees, mom," said the son.
    "What for?" asked the mother.
    The son didn't reply.
    "For tuition or something else?" she asked
    The son maintained his silence while looking at the floor.
    "You have got to tell me, son. Your exams are pretty close and if you want such a big amount for something else but studies then you have to tell me," stated the mother.
    The son was on the verge of saying something but retracted back his words and left the room. The mother tried to have him explain the reason but she couldn't succeed.
    The next day, after coming to home from school she found her mother already waiting for him in quite an alert manner.
    "You got the rupees, don't you?" she asked "By stealing your father's pocket," she said with throes and anger in her tone.
    The words from her mother stunned him to shaking fear and subtle impassiveness all the same. All of a sudden she came to him and grabbed him by his shoulders with a harsh grip and gave him a jerk or two, to make him realize his serious peccadillo.
    The twitch and the grip were distressingly sore enough to make his eyes moist under the wistful expression.
    "What did you want so much money for?" she asked but to express her anger rather than expecting an answer. Then she pulled the away the school bag hung to his arm and tried to scrutinize it tumultuously.
    She got a slip of a subscription to a swimming class worth two thousand rupees.
    The clueless mother showed him the slip without saying anything in the manner that gave an indication demanding all the explanation from the son.
    Seeing no way possible other than explaining the son started in a trembling and gloomy voice.
    "I saw a dream two days ago. In that dream, I found you in the middle of the water and you were drowning. You were screaming my name."
    "Seeing you I jumped into the water but I didn't know how to swim and I was getting drowned too. I was going down into the dark waters and the deeper I would go, the lesser voice I could hear of yours. I couldn't do anything to save you." he closed his eyes.
    "I woke up terrified and was really restless the whole day. That dream took all my concentration from the studies and I feel disgusted with myself and anxious all the same," he spoke arduously.
    "That dream seemed so real and I didn't want any possibility of it to happen so I enrolled in the swimming class to learn to swim." he continued.
    The eyes of the mother got moist by love and overwhelming compassion from her son's side. She wanted to say something but was drowning in the emotions to say anything. The son came to her and held her hands with his caring grip.
    "I love you mom and if you love someone then you should have the power to protect your loved one, shouldn't you?" he said. "That is how you can show your love for that very person." he continued.
    Mother looked him with her compassionate and loving eyes. "That's not the only way to show your love for your loved one son," she said.
    The eyebrows of the son got narrowed under slight bafflement.
    "The moment you dived into the water to save me, without knowing how to swim, you already had shown your immense love that very moment because you didn't give the second thought and you did what one does for the loved one," she said
    The son was satisfied with her wisdom. "And by the way, I know swimming," she ended. They chuckled in unison.
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    The story on compassion and caring was well narrated by the author. And I really liked the last two lines when the son got satisfied over mothers wisdom, she gave a punch that she knows swimming.
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    The story is well narrated. Small small mistakes in text are noticed. It is a conversation between son and mother. Nut in between instead of mentioning, it was mentioned has her mother. Those can be edited by the author. The story went on very well. The finally the mother telling that she knows swimming is the real height of the story.
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    Nice story with a good narration. Story teaches us that we should not react in anger without knowing the actual reason for anything only to regret later. We should patient enough especially while handling the kids to gather information as our restlessness might scare them to speak out their thoughts.

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    Nice story-good narration. The author never fails to impress us with his beautiful script.
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    A well narrated tale by the composer. The dialogues flowing smoothly.

    The story has an emotional grip and by the time we reach the end everything is smoothened out. Good job. Keep it up.

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    What a lovely story from Gagan Agari. An excellent story to read and enjoy. If every dream in our life is dealt in the same manner, all will go well without any problem. The climax of the story is the mother's last saying "I know swimming." The pity of the story is that a son doesn't know that his mother is a swimmer. An interaction gap between the mother and her son.
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