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    How to come out of a terror attack aimed in a crowded place ?

    Today the world woke up to a terrific news early in the morning when terror attack was reported in a concert held at Manchester arena that killed 22 people and injured over 59. Normally people go for the live concerts to enjoy the music and they do not perceive wrong happenings at the place. What I am asking from the members that if such situation is confronted by you what will be the immediate reaction. How to evacuate the elders and the children from the spot and how to minimize the loss of life. The terror attack has become common across the world and we the people must be prepared to face any eventuality. Any suggestion ?
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    Sorry..... It is not in our hands. Luck is the main factor here. This is simply because the element of surprise lies with the terrorists. However, if there is a terror attack in a crowded place and we happen to be in that place, , we must try to remain quiet, try to move minimally and move away from the firing range very very slowly. But in case of a bomb attack, that also is not possible.

    So, the solution is to be pro-active and wipe out terrorism with violence. No talk of idealism would be helpful. If we don't kill, terrorists would finish the humanity. This is the plain and simple truth.

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    It all depends on the severity of the blast and the distance between the blast area and your position. We will know about the attack only after it takes place only. So our existence will be a question mark.

    If we luckily survived from the attack we try to escape from the place to a safe place. While coming out we should try to help the people who are in panic. Search for our people who came with us. If we have the courage and interest try to help the victims by taking them to the ambulance and see that we can save some lives.
    If any old or physically challenged people are trying to escape help them. If we have any injuries get the first aid done and go to the hospital.
    Helping needy and children will also be a good act.
    But as mentioned by Mr.Partha it all depends on luck and only way to solve is eradicating the terrorism. All should strive for that. I always pray God to save innocent people from this kind of brutal acts of anti social elements.

    always confident

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    Any terrorist attack is a sudden and surprise attack with no room to escape. It is not possible for us to escape from a bomb blast set by the terrorists which takes no time to kill/injure the mass present in its effective range. However, we can escape from terorist gun attack by quickly lying flat on the ground. Lying low is the best escape route in our life.
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