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    Major Leetul Gogoi! We are very happy

    On 9th April, you saved many lives, even the lives of avominable stone-pelters. You prevented destruction of Government properties. You rescued Government employees who were deputed to conduct election. You did a commendable job. You showed your presence of mind. You made the sacred land of Lachit Borphukan proud.

    Yet we were silent. We never resisted, we never protested when you were brutally denigrated by India's anti-national 'secular-liberal' brigade. Even an FIR was lodged against you. We never protested when short-sighted political leaders bayed for your blood.

    But the entire Indian Army was with you. After the internal enquiry conducted by the Army, you were cleared. Now, your courage, bravery and presence of mind have been acknowledged. You have received the Commendation Card from the Chief of Army Staff.

    Major Leetul Gogoi! We, the common Indians, are proud of you. We are very happy.
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    Very nice. Major Leetul Gogoi has done a remarkable service to the nation. But unfortunately he was treated very badly by the selfish.He was very courageous and stood firmly. Finally his service were recognized.

    It is unfortunate that Indian soldiers are always unrecognized. They put their lives at stake. They never bother about themselves or their family members. The service they are rendering is second to none.
    I hope real heros of the country will get their due at least now. My salutations to these heros. Jai Jawan Jai Kisan.

    always confident

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    My salute goes to Major Leetul Gogoi for his exemplary presence of mind and taking action in evacuating officers and others by making a shield of stone pelter tied to his van to the front bumper and thus become the instant hit with the mass his courageous effort. But for some detractors of the country who were criticising him for using human being as shield, every one has appreciated the act of Major. He is now awarded for his courageous act. This once again proves that presence of mind also goes hand in hand while respecting the sentiments of the people and safeguarding the lives of many.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The officers and men of our defence force should not be questioned for their action. They are duty bound to take action against the odds as per the warranting situation. They are always right as they have the right to fight with might and save the country and the countrymen. Jai Major Leetul Gogoi. We are proud to have such a Major in our army.
    No life without Sun

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