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    Which one is better- a successful life or a satisfied life?

    The dream of many people is to lead a successful life and not a satisfied life. Nowadays success is measured in terms of monetary. If a person earns more money, then the society considers that person as a successful person and gives a social status to that person. Does success really brings happiness and satisfaction to a person? Many people in this world live their life to meet the expectations of the society and not for their own satisfaction. On the other hand, people who strive hard to lead a satisfactory life do exist in the world. Leading a satisfied life brings both happiness and success, but leading a successful life brings name, fame, money and definitely not satisfaction.

    Why many people dream to lead a successful life and not a satisfied life? Which one is better - a successful life or a satisfied life?

    Share your opinions.
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    A satisfied life is always better than a successful life. There are many people who are successful but they are never happy. Success brings happiness, if we are satisfied with the success what we achieved. But people will never stop at that place. They want to be more and more successful. There comes the problem.

    A government employee after retirement gets his retirement benefits and monthly pension also. By the time he retires all his responsibilities will be over. With pension and whatever interest he is getting from the amount he got at the time of retirement like gratuity and PF , he and his wife can spend a happy life. A person satisfied will do that. He will be happy with that. But a person who want to get additional money will try to do part time job or a job in a private company etc. He has to work again and he will not have much happiness.
    Contentment brings happiness and satisfaction. A successful person with a contentment will always be a happy person.

    always confident

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    We must try and work hard to attain success in life whether it is monetary gain or fame and name.

    At the same time we must introspect our present achievements which we have obtained so far and be satisfied to that extent.

    Satisfaction without achieving anything is a vacuum. Weeping even after achieving is a miserable state. So a balance of these two parameters is required in life.

    Blindly running after success may ruin one's life as he has no time to enjoy his success. One must exert but should also know the time for break.

    If one does not learn satisfying with present it will lead to frustration which is the worst thing and big factor for demotivating a person.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Well one is always interested to have success in life and that could be even surpassing the previous records. That means the greed has taken place in the mind and heart to excel and work more. And in the melee the quality is compromised, the near and dear ones are over looked and even the friends are side lined. Where as a satisfied life is the contented life. That means he has gone through all the happy and sad process of life and he is now settled well in the life without any additional wants or ambition. Satisfied people are those who reach out to others and successful people are those who are selfish and never help others.
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    Success may be our motto,but it is up to our satisfaction whereas the satisfied life has no more thirst.

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