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    Heartfelt request: Avoid taunts and too personal barbs in the forum

    In the recent contest of 'Me, a box', we came across responses that were really inappropriate as comments for a contest entry. We would like to request members: please do not make personal taunts in entries for contests. We came across a couple of them & have removed text in responses which were of this nature. Give feedback by all means. You don't necessarily have to like an entry, saying so frankly, but there is really no need to make personal remarks which are, honestly, not good etiquette. It just spoils the entire joie de vivre spirit of the contest.

    This should apply as well to all types of contests which we organize - and forum threads generally. I think I did make this point earlier too: There is a very, very fine line between sarcastic remarks made in the name of wit & far too personal digs. Don't cross that line please. Do maintain some sense of forum etiquette.

    This is a request to all ISCians.
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    The Editor has very humbly mentioned a very critical area and I do not know whether it is my prerogative also or not but I want to put my views and advice here.

    Online platforms like ISC are for showing one's creativity and also for mutual knowledge sharing. This is a collective effort and success of such platforms entirely depend on the contributions rendered by its members.

    If the average quality of contributions member wise is above good then only the portal will progress and will outstand among the competitive world of todays online platforms.

    So if we want the portal to progress and also want to be its part and share that glory, we must contribute positively.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It is always better to talk about the content of the thread or personal experiences. But making sarcastic remarks is not a good sign. If really one felt that the contribution is having some mistakes or unconnected comments, there it self we can mention what we found and request them to correct it. Already in articles the process of reviewing and accepting by editors is there.
    As mentioned by Mr.Umesh we must make a positive contribution for the progress of the site and members.
    Seniors should encourage the juniors and see that they will also do a good job. There is no question of competition here.
    If we behave in a negative way and laugh and criticize others unnecessarily the reputation of the site will be ruined. So I join Ms. Vandana in requesting everybody to avoid taunts and too personal barbs.

    always confident

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    We are not very much aware of the personal life of online friends and acquaintances. So, there is not much scope to discuss the personal matters in online platform. Even then, some of the Members are doing that. We must stop this practice. We may criticize the views of other Members, but should not bring others' personal matters.
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    There are members who never understand a thread as they don't read through the contest thread properly, but in a hurry to post some irrelevant responses with irrelevant comments, only to earn points. This should be avoided, especially by the senior members. A contest thread should be read repeatedly and understood. Responses to contest threads should be clear and relevant. There shouln't be any doubt.
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    I am not referring to not reading the content of the thread and submitting responses which are not related to the topic of the thread, like you have done here. Understand what I am trying to say in this thread - read it again please.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Good advice from the author. I am too also of the opinion that if we do not want to respond to a thread, best to keep away from it. But there are members who have the habit of making taunts and making personal attack towards the author as if great mistake has been done by raising any thread or even responding to a thread in different manner. ISC has appointed editors and supervised by Managing editor and the erring member is taken care of. But why should others start a argument on the matter which is nothing but diversion of topic which is not solicited at all.
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    Madam Vandana,
    Since I did not read any taunt or personal attack in the' Me, a box' contest, I could not get the idea of your this thread. Hence I said what I experienced in one of my contest thread with irrelevant response. Of course, you are right. We should not taunt or make personal attack on members. Every ISCian should maintain the decorum of the Forum.

    No life without Sun

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