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    Who is the ideal lady to play the role of Sita in Ramayana?

    After the success of Bahubali, the producers are thinking of making Ramayana in 3D with a 500 crore budget. The actors are being selected to play the roles.

    Let us discuss: Who would be the ideal heroine to play the role of Sita, and why?
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    I am not very much acquainted with the female actors working in South Indian cinemas. With my limited knowledge about actresses working in Hindi cinema, I would recommend Ms. Vidya Balan for the role of Sita.

    However, I would strongly recommend Ms. Sunny Leone for the role of Surpanakha.

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    Many telugu movies on various versions of Ramayana were made. Initially Lavakusa was made where the famous yesteryears actress Ms.Anjali Devi excelled in the role of Sita. In one of the movies the beautiful actress of south Ms. Jayaprada also performed very nicely as Sita.
    But in a recent movie directed by the famous Director "Bapu" , Balakrishna the son of legend NTR acted as Rama. In this movie Nayantara, the south indian beautiful actress portrayed the role of 'SITA'. A par excellence action by her. The film was a big hit in Telugu. The success is mainly due to the heart touching performance of Nayanatara only. She got best actress award for her role in this film.
    In the present day actresses my automatic choice will be Nayanatara only.

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    Quite intriguing! I wonder why you would strongly recommend Sunny Leone for the role of Surpanakha?

    Is it because of her acting prowess or is that you make your recommendation based on her past? Though I am no mind reader, I strongly feel the latter to be the reason.

    I think she is a very strong woman, and deserves respect, for how she has managed to change her life. It is not easy to merge into the mainstream society, after having had a colourful past. Do we have to continue to judge her by her past deeds? She has made such a huge transformation in her life – and yet we continue to carry memories of what she used to be. Can we not see the new person that has emerged?

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    #599030: As far as I know, actors and actresses are selected by the producers and directors keeping in mind their suitability and ability to depict particular characters.The producers and directors of commercial films also consider whether the common film-viewers would accept that particular actor/actress in a particular role, or not. As a common film-viewer, I think that Ms. Vidya Balan would be able to gel with the character of Sita. Similarly I feel that Ms. Sunny Leone would gel with the character of Surpanakha, because the role of Surpanakha would be short and dramatic. This is only my perception.
    I also wonder what is the relationship between my perception and Ms. Leone's 'colourful past'.

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    Well the proposed Ramayana seems to be made with large scale investment on the lines of Baahubali and even more and therefore the starcast must be befitting. Since the movie would be released in many languages of India, I would suggest combination of stars from across India. Rama can be credited to Telugu actor Balakrishna, he best suits as he was well known having played that role previously. Sita character can be played by Samantha. She goes well with the character and the personality of her character match with Sita. Hanuman character can be given to Akshay Kumar. We know he is versatile and can take the character along. Ravana can be played by Malayaalam actor Mohanlal. Mamooty as Lakshmana would suits him very well. The music should be historical and the directors must consider KV Mahadevan troup as the music for this great film.
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    You all got into the Ramayana deeply to think about the whole lot of characters present in that epic. My question was simple to get a good filmy Sita for the film Ramayana. The choices so far are Vidyabalan and Nayanatara.. Yet there are many other physically beautiful and talented actresses in the filmdom. We need a lady who would look like a princess to match Rama. To play the other roles we have plenty of talented actors.

    Let us discuss about Sita and Sita only.

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    Then consider Anushka who has the charming looks of princess and also liked by the fans across the country. But what I feel that Baahubali characters wont be liked to this film.
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    I did not expect you agree with my view.

    However, the explanation provided in #599031 would not have led to the confusion. After all, in your answer above, you had provided more than what was asked for, and an explanation was warranted.

    Life has a clever way of teaching things - it is called experience. And I used mine to see through your strong recommendation. I accept your explanation but still maintain my view that the suggestion was suggestive of something else.

    What has her colourful past got to do with it - you've summarised it when you owned up to your "limited knowledge of actresses working in Hindi cinema" and your undue 'stress' on the word 'strongly'.

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    Why not a new, fresh face. I think the producers should scout for new talent to play all the characters in the epic they propose to make. Would that not be nice?
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    There are many charming, beautiful, colourful, physically well structured small screen actressess. They are talented as well as familiar to all. Why not we choose one from them. Why make only the richer actresses the richest? Let us pave way for the small screen figures to enter into silver screen.
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    Sorry, I could not take part in this interesting discussion because interruption in Net connection. Today in this thread I heard the name of Ms. Nayantara. Can any Member let us know about this actress?
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    Mr. Partha,
    Ms. Nayanthara is an excellent artist from the south. Very charm, beautiful, young and energetic. She is a talented actress hailing from Kerala. She is a successful superstar. She can match any role. She was involved in love affairs with many heroes. Yet she is a shining star. But I doubt her suitability for Sita's role in the proposed 3D Ramayana. We should look for a sita to be perfect like Sita. I prefer South Indian actress Sneha for this role. She is a smiling beauty of the south. Also a talented actress fit to play any role.

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    The director of the movie will like to have a person who can transform herself to the character easily and under his directions . At the same time the on screen personality (actor turned character) should go with the character already in the minds of viewers and they should easily sync with the character on screen.
    Hence the director /producer may not try for an actor who had acted in more movies . They may need a person whose rel personality will not override the character.
    In that logic, I feel the choice may be falling on a person having good acting talents and ability to transform into the character, who has some experience with movies ,but not over exposed to the public and who is not busy also. That person may be from one of the regional language movies or Hindi movies or even from any other regional language movie field. That way there will no be problem for call sheet and long and continuous shooting schedule also.
    Hence I do not envisage any of the leading super stars.

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    Every lady are required to fit for the role of Sita as the character itself meant to follow

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    Your response is too much in simple language and doesn't meet the thread's requirement. Please get into filmdom to see a Sita on the silver screen. All ladies can watch only one single Sita and follow her. You are talking about the character of Sita but I am talking about the figure of Sita.

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