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    Why additional qualification needed despite good academic qualifications

    I would like to know why does the employer ask for additional qualification along with regular education? have found that even if you did your Masters, say in commerce with some specialization, the recruiter will mention some additional qualification required. For example, when applying for admin job it is also mentioned that one should be able to handle database and accounts and specialize in Sigma technology.

    This is ridiculous and is a hindrance in job creation and for the 'Make in India' campaign, for it has killed the need for a Master degree. Govt should lay emphasis on one job with one degree. Please throw light on this - why is this happening? What is the necessity for additional qualification?
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    Mr. Kishor Chocha, As you said many people ask for additional qualification in addition to the main qualification. This is true. There are many reasons for that.

    Nowadays,many of the persons directly from college are not having proper knowledge of the job they have to do. The employer has to train him. A person with additional qualifications will definitely cope up fast. The employee need not train for long. Another problem here is the persons after getting the required training try for a better job and leave the Organisation where he got trained. It is a big loss. So they prefer a man with proper experience even though they have to pay a little more.

    In this world of competition many people are not bale to get jobs. So in the pursuit of getting a good job many are going for additional certificate courses. This will enhance their chances of getting a job. When people are available with additional qualifications, definitely employer will opt for them only. It is natural we always go for the best possible if it is affordable. Another advantage for the individual in having additional qualification, the career progress in the present company also gets enhanced.
    I don't see anything wrong in that. Of course it is my personal opinion..

    always confident

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    When an employer needs an employee, he will look for the most suitable person or that job. If the employer is a well established and reputed one, then they get more choices as there will be more applicants. There will be many with just the minimum eligibility required. Hence for the ease of elimination and selection the employer looks for those with extr qualifications relevant for the job and experience. That avoids need of more training for the selected candidate and employer may get his services very soon from joining.

    In smaller organisations, the organisation may be interested of recruiting very few employees and may look for persons person who can do multitasks and look after many departments . So in these situation they look for a person with additional qualifications and experience.
    These will stay as far as the market is employer controlled, or when the job hunters are more than the jobs available. But we are seeing the reverse trend in at at least a few sectors now happening.

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    The author has raised a important point which is affecting many of us when the job opportunity knocks us. Yes it has become compulsory for every student to pursue additional qualification in those field for which they are striving for a good position or job. For example just doing MBBS is not enough. One must go further to do the specialization in particular department of interest and thus for a female child going on doing specialization will only irk the parents as she wont be ready for the marriage and thus every plan gets jeopardized. We have been habituated with additional qualification and there is no escape. If you are not getting the additional qualification , then are you are out of race of getting good job. Additional qualification makes you stand apart from other students and getting closer to your goal of getting settled in life.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    "and thus for a female child going on doing specialization will only irk the parents as she wont be ready for the marriage and thus every plan gets jeopardized."
    -- totally flummoxed by this statement!! What is the topic & what is this statement's relevance to it? (don't even want to start a discussion on all that is implied in that statement!)

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Today specialization is the keyword in industries and business.

    Everyone is able to complete the basic education degrees and there is a massive output of graduates and post graduates against the limited job vacancies.

    In This scenario the persons who have done some special course above their degree get an edge while applying for jobs. The demand and supply condition in job market is very frightening as against a single job there are thousands of people in line.

    So people are going for specialization, additional qualifications or certified courses to increase their chance of getting employment. It is not by choice but the situation is like that.

    In countries having low population many people drop out from colleges and start working in small outfits and earning handsome amounts at the end of the day. We are not so lucky. We do not see any alternative to education.

    Knowledge is power.

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