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    A very useful and reliable web portal

    In ISC, I notice various questions which seek information about the functioning of various departments of the Central Government. The questions are related to various Government schemes, addresses of departments, various issues regarding passport, visa, etc. With my limited knowledge, I try to answer some of these questions. In this connection, I would like to inform that the web-portal of the Central Goverment provides answers to almost all the questions generally asked by common people. Not only others, but even Government employees themselves check this web-portal for clearing their doubts relating to various aspects of other Government departments.

    I would request the Members of ISC to check this web-portal if they want reliable information about any aspect of functioning of Central Government. Needless to mention, this portal is 100% reliable. The web-portal is:

    Kindly explore this web-portal for authentic information about Central Government.
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    Thanks Partha for giving this valuable information. Normally we get confused as to who to approach for our redress in government department and the portal seems to be helpful to clarify our doubts.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Yes. The web portal of central government is a very useful site. The information given in this portal is reliable and authentic. Once or twice I visited this site and I could get the information required. When we approach government offices also they are suggesting us to refer this portal. I think it will be helpful to know about central government information.
    always confident

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    Many times even after going through the original sites, people have doubts. It needs lucid explanation from experienced people and experts. There are many people who have doubts which may not be answered in the FAQ of the concerned website. That is where the question answer forums , whether ISC or any other forum come to help.
    Those who answer there will add their own peculiar and unique experiences and how they solved certain issues. The government site or the other original sites may not have envisaged such a scenario when they originated the content.

    For an example, in earlier days the application fees were to be remitted by 'crossed postal order. But there were many then and even now who may not know what is a postal order or what is a crossed postal order. The site which displays the job announcement will not go into such things, but say 'crossed postal order. Now the case may be similar with terms NEFT, online payment wallet payment etc.That is why people loo for answers from other sources. There will be many practical problems for which the person or applicant may need solution in his level of understanding.

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