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    ' The best view comes after the hardest climb "

    ' The best view comes after the hardest climb " . Quite interesting and I was touched by this quote. One can infer much interpretation from this quote. Yes if you are attempting to climb a big mountain, you cannot appreciate the scenes from below. Only after going top of the summit, you will get the full view of the surroundings and that would be astounding. Same is the case with every ones life. Success after success would be the aim of some and at one point of time, when the review their life, they would be stunned with those super success story line in the past. How do you sum up this great quote ?
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    Mr. Mohan, a very good quote. We aim at some work, plan for it and complete it successfully. The fruits of that hard work we will enjoy only after completing the work.
    While we are climbing the mountain we will be thinking of completing it. We will concentrate more on our work and see that we go as per our plan. But during this process, sometimes we will think, why we are taking all this risk and what for? But after climbing the mountain from the top if we look down we will feel that we are above all the world and we feel elated. The happiness we get at that time is knew no bounds.
    Similarly in our life whenever we get some success we will feel very happy. An employee works whole heartily through out the year expecting a good reward. He works to the highest satisfaction of his boss. Some of the colleagues may say to him not do such a hard work. But in the year end assessment the rating he gets and monetary benefits he gets will make him thrilled. So definitely the best view come only after the hardest climb.

    always confident

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    This is a motivating quote for encouraging hard and focused work. It says in other words that the reward of sincere hard work will be exhilarating. Only after reaching a position of height after a steep and risky climb that one gets a full overview of everything around. When one has a fixed goal, the smaller distractions should be avoided. Even if one misses the smaller pleasures in that, the accumulated pleasure is awaiting at the destination.
    I can still go on expanding and explaining the quote in positive frame.

    However I am sure, there may be many who may have something opposite to explain due to their experience in life and career. As life is a mix of positive and negative let us hope to get for some contrary explanations also. It is only when there is negative that positive has its value.

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