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    Stop, Look and Proceed. This traffic signal proverb suits our life journey too !

    We all know that at every traffic signal it is clearly written that Stop, look and proceed. That means even though there is regulated signal it is the duty of the driver to drive cautiously while crossing the signal even if got the green light to proceed. Like wise in our life too we may have all ability, intelligence, know how to tackle the problem, still a cautious approach to every challenging phase would be desirable. Like there are every chance of other violating traffic rule and hit us from any side unexpected, in life too we may come across multiple problems while attempting to get rid of single problem. Trend this topic with your further values.
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    Yes, in our life also we must follow the philosophy which we follow at the traffic signals. We have to stop to think. We have to look around us to get proper and correct information. We have to proceed because we can't stop moving forward till we are alive.
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    Mr.Mohan, it is true that we should be cautious in our life. The comparison you have given is very apt. Even though there are lights to regulate the traffic, there are some people who never care for those rules may come fast.Even though we go as per the traffic lights because of the other person's unruly behavior we may have an accident. So, Stop, Look and proced is always correct for avoiding accidents.

    Similarly in our journey of life we may also get some difficult situations. Those times we should understand the situation, think of pros and cons, analyse the situation, take a decision and proceed. Without doing the required exercise if you take actions it may lead to very difficult situation. So don't be hasty in completing the tasks. Take required time and finish the work as planned successfully.

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    It looks a good idea to stop, look and proceed in life also, but one cannot enjoy life being so cautious. One has to take risks to enjoy the life and succeed. The young and old alike can afford to take risks to have an adventurous and enjoyable life. If one fails, he will get experience and if he succeeds he can guide others. One cannot go on thinking all the time. Take a plunge and face the problems if any as and when they are encountered.
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    Taking risks are the hall mark to progress but gauging the probable before hand is must.
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    I do agree that it is always better to be cautious before taking any step forward but I doubt whether the 'stop, look and proceed' theory as applicable in traffic rules can be applied as such to life. Yes, the rule may apply when our decisions involve others or is likely to have an effect on others; but when a decision that need to be taken is concerning an individual only or is required to be taken immediately, it may not be possible to apply the rule since there are situations in life where you cannot wait to stop or look and quick decisions need to be taken. So, such a rule cannot be generally applied in our life except in certain circumstances.
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