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    Amidst hooting, whistling and comments , watching movie at the theater is a great experience.

    Not every one would go to the movie and they hate to watch because the films are not made up to their expectancy. There are people who prefers to watch movies through internet or by buying the DVD and watch the same with the family at the home. But there is nothing like watching a movie at the theater. The charging atmosphere, the hooting public, the whistling first bench fans and above all giving rave comments on some actions and scenes are really enjoyable. When some thing enjoyed with the crowd, the joy would be more and great experience.
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    100% I agree with you, Mr.Mohan. I always prefer to watch a movie on a big screen in a Cinema hall. I never like watching it on TV screen. The joy and happiness we get is very good.
    Specially when we go to a movie in the first week of its release the crowd will be full of enthusiasm and the way they behave gives lot of happiness. Radhika theater is near to our house and generally our family will go for the movie to that theater weekly once. My sons also enjoy watching movie in that theater. The fans throw flowers and papers when a mass song of their favourite hero is on the screen. Some people from lower benches get up and dance,in some theaters. They behave very enthusiastic.

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    I rarely watch movies on the big screen. However, there was a time that I used to do so. My experience is actually quite the opposite. Maybe it is because I am a female. I always felt uncomfortable surrounded by people (read young men) shouting, whistling, passing comments (sometimes quite lewd) and in short making quite a ruckus. I would fear for my safety because they would be in large numbers, and almost uncontrollable. I always felt that their behaviour was aimed more at getting attention than out of sheer enjoyment.

    There was also the fact that you miss most of the dialogues in all the surrounding noise. Maybe, since you are a male your experiences are different. You perhaps see just the fun part, whereas I was always alert, conscious of my surroundings - more to stay safe, than anything else.

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    Juana having enjoyment at Cinema hall is the natural experience. One need not fear of any uncomfortable happening when you happen to go with other female friends.
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    Yours is a male perspective. You will not/do not get affected by comments, but females do feel uncomfortable. Imagine, people, sitting beside you or behind you passing lewd comments. I could never be comfortable with that or enjoy myself.

    My take on this is that people go to theatres with families to enjoy. The idea is to watch the movie, not to be entertained by the show put up by others. And definitely not by vulgar and obscene comments that are invariably passed.

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    I have absolutely no problem to admit that during my late school days and college/university days, I used to purchase ticket of the first row (Re. 1.25/ per ticket; I missed the opportunity to watch movies @80 paise per ticket) and used whistle at the time of 'colourful' scenes. But even then, thanks to my friends and cine club of Jadavpur University, I learnt and understood what good cinema actually is.
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    It is many decades since I watched a movie in a theatre last.
    During my high school and college days, the theatres were old type with asbestos sheet and different categories starting from bench, back support bench chair etc.( In my native village in a temporary theatre there was 'floor' ticket also.)
    The people in the front bench rows mostly used to be single males and male students. Family tickets were usually in the back rows of Chair and top 'balcony'. Then there were more than one 'break' as the films were on small reels. So after a few reels, there will be a break. That is the time when there will be whistling and 'cooing'. Sometimes during the scenes when some particular dialogue is delivered by a character or a particular scene comes there used to be clapping of hands, whistling and throwing of paper rags also.

    Even those time also I never enjoyed that because the noise drowned the sound coming from the screen speakers. and I used to miss many dialogues or lyrics by that. The people getting up and standing also was nuisance to me as it blocked my view then.

    I am not update with the present scenario in theatres.

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