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    The blockage of the path of an ant.

    In the childhood days under the umbrella of curiosity, we all had somewhere tried to understand our environment and to connect with it. Whatever creatures we would find in the way of our exploration, we would involve them in our love, notoriety, games or sometimes would just observe them. In the childhood we like power and it seems highly emphatic to feel as a powerful being. And the most simple creature we would find to taste our might was an ant. She is known for her single-minded dedicated and when would cherish playing with her devotion. As a kid, I would block her path by my finger to see the response from her. Sometimes would try to change her course by assessing the environment with her antennas and the other times she would pass my hand over which was not less than a mountain for her. Many a time I included her in my game but sometimes I killed her also to show my might and my parents would make me aware of the curse I had to incur by killing an innocent creature but anyhow the ant was the creature that was there in the stories and also in the game and hence my childhood.
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    Wow the author has raked up my way of playing with the hands during my childhood. Yes it is the fact that we can learn many things from the ants. It is said that ants are at their best to keep the buffer stock of the food during plenty availability and thus army of ants would clear the residues immediately. What I used to do is to block their path by drawing a line with my fingers. The ants would suddenly stop and sense that something happened on the path and they would take turn around route. Then used to draw a circle or square to know its way out. After going all sides, it takes risk to cross the line with great confidence. This is my close observance.
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    ants are really examples for briskness &savings.we have to learn one more thing from them. when they are row a small disturbance makes to scatter similarly we have fear to get brittle our unity at. any cost

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    An excellent thread from Mr. Ahari. This thread has reminded me that during my childhood days, the elders used to stress upon the example of ants. They used to talk about their family values, discipline, silent communication, co-operation, diligence and their ability to take load many times than their individual weight.
    I also used to create obstructions on the path of a single ant or an army of ants. But I also noticed that despite obstruction, the ants used to take a roundabout way to reach their destination.

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    Ants are very hard working. They are more united. They preserve food for rainy season. My grand father was telling a story about an ant. There was an ant. It is praying for God long time. Finally one day the God appeared and asked about ant's desire. The ant asked the God, as soon as I bite should die. What it's means is as soon as an ant bites somebody he /she should die. God said OK. What God thought is as soon as ant bites somebody,the ant should die. That is why if we observe all these ants die immediately after biting a person. This I learned from my grandfather. But ants are very disciplined in their life. I never played with these ants. But I used observe ants going in a line.
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    Not only in my childhood but also in my adulthood, I enjoy chasing or disturbing the ants. Whenever I find a group of ants around my house or inside the house, I would pour water on them. Then I feel that the ants would think that it was a Tsunami for them. Many ants escape and many die. Now let me ask the ant loving ISCian.

    Dear ISCian, What is the use of ants in our home? In which way they help us in our life?

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    Ants are the cleaning agents and they keep the home clean through clearing all the residues which fell on the ground and thus they help the house hold to keep the things clean.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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