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    Why some people does not aware about washing their hands before going to eat.

    Why do some people wash their hands after eat not before? Whenever you go to government hospitals what common thing you saw? Do you think why SC caste adiwasi people admitted in the hospitals mostly which is a common thing in hospitals? I think this is the reason of why they are admitted in the hospitals If they aware about hand washing than it protects them against spread of many illness from common cold to many illness such as flu, stomach pain, hepatitis and many type of infections. Members, what is your opinion about this thread?
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    Everybody is aware that he/she must wash the hands before eating. Even then if somebody doesn't wash hands, it only points out to laziness and callousness.
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    It is true we have to wash our hands before we eat. Everybody knows it. Everybody has to practice it. Otherwise people may suffer from infections because of untidiness. Not washing before eating indicates lack of awareness or laziness.
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    I would have just laughed off and ignored this post taking it as a promo by soap manufacturers.
    But now I cannot do so. This is because nowadays I get to see such behaviour from grown up adults and so-called 'elites' among us.

    Recently I attended a couple of social events. One was a relatively big event here the c rod was much.After the core event, there was dinner. It was the traditional multi-course dinner.The moment the main event was over, people just rushed out to the adjacent dinner hall. No one could be seen bothering about washing hands. The crowd was so much that the people who did not get seats in te first batch were literally standing behind those who are seated to take their seats once they finish their dinner. So they also did not wash their hands.

    I feel in future the hosts should arrange to pass on a washing bowl among the seated people for the guests to dip their hands and clean it.

    In many buffet dinners, as most people are now using spoons and forks it is taken for granted that washing hands is not needed. I could find even not washing their mouth after dinner as they simply rinse their mouth with the water or after dinner soft drinks.

    I remember the commotion and opposition people in Kerala had raised some years ago,when a multinational soap manufacturer started a scheme propagating good washing habits among school children. It was then attributed that the scheme was a marketing trick the manufacturer used to increase their sales and e actually not really altruistic . The people then also asked how those who use paper to clean themselves are eligible to 'teach' us washing habits.

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    Those who are educated are well aware of the fact that they must wash the hands before and after having meals. We may be working with hands and there are every chances of dust and dirt hiding on the palms and even inside nails. It is better to sanitize the hands before going to eat. Even in schools the teachers and attendants are advised to see that children are following this rule strictly. More over some people have the habit of cleaning the hands with paper which is not the right way. Even after finishing eating , one must thoroughly wash the hands with the water to get rid of eaten things left on the hands.
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    You mention Government hospitals and SC and Adivasis. Government hospitals are for the poor and the underprivileged, so it is but natural that you will find people from a certain economic stratum in these hospitals. That being said, I do not think people rush to government hospitals for treatment for common colds, flu and stomach pain.

    Coming to your main question – washing hands is just one aspect. There are other reasons for the spread of disease –

    1. Poor sanitary conditions and living conditions
    2. Unavailability of potable water
    3. Mosquitoes
    4. Poor nutrition
    5. House flies

    The poor live in deplorable conditions. They barely manage two square meals. Buying and using soap to wash hands would be least of their priorities.

    As a matter of fact how many literate people wash hands before eating? I don't find easily accessible wash basins in shopping malls. How many wash hands while eating 'golgappa', at a street corner?

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    Washing hands before eating is good when we work in dust or other but many people irritating to wash hands end we are in normalcy,is it not over conscious?

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    Keeping good Huygene and cleanliness is a life style. People who have it will always be very particular in washing their hands before taking food, cleansing their mouth after the meals, always drying their hands after washing.

    Some people do not follow these and take risk of contamination through hands. When you travel in bus, train or auto you hold steel bars, door handles and other contaminated parts of these public utilities and there are ample chances of tranfering the same to your hands. That is the main reason why we have to wash them.

    Doctors invariably wash their hands after examining the patients. That is the precaution against any infection transfer.

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    You have put forth very valid points. I had mentioned something similar in an earlier discussion. It was hinted that I suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

    I am glad to know that you realise the dangers that lurk, and you share my concern over hygiene. All public places are dirty – there can be no contradiction to that. Germs, bacteria, viruses and body fluids can be harmful even if we do not see them. Most dangerous elements are not visible to the naked eye. I would rather be safe, than sorry.

    Refer to my responses given in this link.

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    I hate people who use hand-sanitizers instead of soaps. Because germs seem to acquire immunity towards them.
    There can be more than 1000 bacteria per square inch of your skin. And even more important thing than washing hands is, keeping them dry. Damp hands only aggravate the situation. So always keep some kind of wipes near you.

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