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    Do you support moderation in exams or are you against moderation

    This year CBSE decided to do away with moderation that was in vogue for many year. In fact on 24 April 2017,in a meeting with the union HRD ministry,CBSE and thirty one other boards agreed with a consensus to discontinue the moderation system.

    Students and parents approached Delhi High court in a PIL citing that it is unfair it has implemented this year and sought for quashing it. Delhi HC considerd the same and directed CBSE not to implement 'No moderation' policy this year. The court asked the Central Board of Secondary Education to continue with the policy which was in place when the examination forms were submitted last year. Court said that the rules cannot be changed unilaterally"once the game has begun". The court also observed earlier that no moderation by CBSE this year is unfair as not all boards are following it this year.

    CBSE may approach Supreme Court) or may not ). Let us not go into those legal aspects.
    My question is whether you support the principle and practice of moderation or are against it. Please give your opinion with justifications.
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    What I feel that when some rule is in force for many years and that is being followed thoroughly, then why from this year it was discontinued. I am of the opinion that moderation should be continued as done in the past. More over my apprehension was right. I said that this time NEET 2017 which was organized by CBSE is taking undue delay in declaring result as the careers of many aspiring Medical students are at stake. Now the Madras High court given stay not to declare the results which was supposed to be done on June 8th. So I fear students and parents would be more tensed on deciding whether to go for other courses or wait for this result.
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    It is not advisable to have moderation in exams. But it was introduced and in force for many years. All of a sudden if they want to withdraw definitely there will be a resistance. So parents and students are resisting it and court verdict also gone in favour of parents and students. Now if CBSE goes to Supreme Court, again it will take time for the verdict to come out. Unnecessarily time will get wasted and students will be tensed. Parents also helpless now. CBSE should consider this year High court verdict and declare results as usal. For next year start the excersise from now on wards.
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    I think there has started a churning of thoughts regarding the system of giving moderation marks and awarding grace marks to the winners and participants of arts , sports and other extracurricular activities. Today's newspapers have reported that MHRD has instructed the (Kerala) state board to do away with granting of such grace marks from 2017-18.
    The moderation and grace marks system came to such n extent that it created a vicious circle. That created an atmosphere of discrimination and there was indirect encouragement for laziness and indirect punishment for hard work. There was discrimination and it caused much disappointment. Merit was at stake. Quality got compromised.

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    I do not support moderation as a rule. It may be resorted to when the students have been put to some difficulty due to mistakes in a question paper or a question being out of syllabus etc. Otherwise, it can, as the author has said, make the students lazy and they may not take their studies too seriously with possible moderation marks being a part of their calculation. Moderation should not be used as a tool to increase the pass percentage. Let it not be a rule but just an exception.

    But grace marks are something different. Students participating in cultural or sports events and bringing in prizes for the schools or colleges may be allotted grace marks based on their performance in extra-curricular activities. It would be just a measure to compensate for the loss in academic hours that had been lost by them due to practice and other related matters.

    Venkiteswaran sir, I think discrimination takes place only when equals are treated differently.

    'Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment'- Lao Tzu

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