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    The history of Sambar- the south Indian recipe which dates back to 1684

    We all know that in every South Indian home Sambar is the must recipe and without which no meal is full. Whether it marriage, function or daily menu, the inclusion of sambar is must. When Sahuji was ruling Tanjore during 1684 - 1712 he was fond of having aromatic sambar prepared from Sohum tamrind which is from Gujarat. But one day there was shortage and the main cook who was a Tamilian tried the TN Tamirind added with Turdal, vegetables and other masalas and thus prepared a sambar for the first time with Imli which was liked and preferred by Sahuji and thus came sambar to TN and then South.
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    Yes,the lunch is not full without sambar. Once I went to a friend's house (a kannadiga family)and on his compulsion sat for lunch with him.They started with rasam,I got panic as there was no sambar ;without saying anything I finished rasam rice.Secondly they served rice and sambar.Then only I got breath.later on enquiry,they told it is their practice to serve rasam first.Your this posting makes me to remember this.I am rushing to kitchen for preparing radish+onion sambar.

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    Yes. Sambaris a good tasty item for lunch. It is a must for Tamilians. In Andhra and Telangana daily sambar will not be there. They will have rasam and doll separately. Sambar is being served in all the hotels even with tiffins also. Idly sambar is a very famous tiffin in Andhra also. Before 1980s in Hyderabad getting idly sambar
    was very difficult. But it is available in all hotels now. I personally like idly and sambar very much. Sambar in Chennai is very tasty.

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    Very good information from Mr. Mohan. In fact we, the people of North India, have also become habituated to take sambar with osa, ili, upma or utthapam. So, all of us must know the genesis and history of sambar.
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    True. Sambar is such a dish that a meal cannot be enjoyed and satisfied. Sambar is mainly served during lunch. The lunch served in south India has all the essentials for the health viz, carbo-hydrate, protein, fat. And also all the six tastes viz salt, sweet, mirchi, sour,bitter. It has the ingredients required for digestion. Sambar is a gravy item with dal and lot of vegetables in it.

    These days, Sambar is used with Idly, Dosa, Upma and Vada. Sambar is an important side dish for each and every south Indian meal.

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    Partha just try wada dipped in the sambar for some time and then eat. The taste would be awesome and you would be wanting to eat more.
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    Yes. Mr. Mohan. I regularly (at least twice in a week) take sambar with idli, dosa, bada, upma or utthapam.
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    I like Sambhar very much but not as an immediately I sat for lunch in between of the meals I used to take. Sambhar in Andhra Pradesh hotels is served daily. Sambhar a great South Indian recipe thanks for the nice information...
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    Yes, no meal in the southern states is complete without sambhar. Even the poshest hotels have a section dedicated to white rice, sambhar, rasam and curd rice, at their buffet. And these counters always have a crowd. I always wonder why people flock to these counters when they have paid for the food, and these dishes are in any case available in their homes.

    Every grand wedding reception must have sambhar and rasam and white rice. A meal in southern homes is not complete without these basics. I guess it is comfort food for some people.

    I like the Sambhar made in Andhra Pradesh, more than the one prepared in Tamil Nadu. I prefer eating it plain like you would a soup. It is not a staple food item in my home - it is made only when there is idli, vada or dosa for breakfast.

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    Juana for your information, the sambar prepared in AP is with red hot chilies of Guntur and the sambar prepared by Karnataka Udupi hotels add jaggery to the taste.
    K Mohan
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