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    Why, oh, why do people commit such mistake?

    Since morning I am feeling angry; I am feeling dejected. Immediately after reaching office, I was told by my PA that a Haryana Police SI had come to meet me. I came to know that a fraud was committed in 2015. Using the letter-head of a very high dignitary who had been working at that time in our office, a fraud was committed. Huge amount of money was taken from a young man providing him a fake appointment letter.

    Till now I can't forget the innocent face of the young boy. Although I have immediately ordered necessary action, but I could not help the young man, although Haryana Police is trying to nab the culprit.

    Why, even after so much campaigning, people don't understand that regular Government employment is not possible through contacts or by paying money?
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    Impersonation is a big crime and that cannot be pardoned. Through cheating way one cannot earn the government jobs as these days there are many ways to find the authenticity of the candidate. How dare he can use the letter head of high dignitary as if the law wont have the eyes to nab him. Wrong doers must be nabbed and arrested. But what I feel that there are many people involved in this scam. By merely arresting the boy the issue cannot be closed. There seems to be organized racquet and the investigation agencies must do detailing on this to nab all the kingpins who helped the boy.
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    Huh! Innocent face? I am sorry, but the author displays poor judgement.

    First of all the individual is a man, not a boy. Secondly, and more importantly, he was a willing participant in this crime.

    I do not know the circumstances but it is evident that he must have traced the scammer through his sources, with the intention of benefiting himself. He must have then discussed and agreed upon a price for a job in the department. He must have arranged for the money to make the payment. He must have clandestinely delivered the money. His actions throughout have been illegal. Bribing is as big a crime as asking/accepting one. How on earth does he become an innocent victim now?

    He deserves what he got. I know my statement shows me as heartless, but when we make so much noise about corruption, we cannot accept him as a victim. We scorn at the mass cheating that happened in Bihar, this man's behaviour equals the same. He displayed unethical practices and greed to get a job that he did not deserve.

    In no way is he an innocent boy. He should be booked for his part in the crime. I do not understand your 'regret' at not being able to 'help' the man.

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    My intention was to help the boy/man to recover the substantial amount of money which he had paid to the middleman, but it was beyond my ability to do so after more than two years of the crime.
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    Is it possible to recover money paid as the bribe amount, if the charted plan fails to work? Is it even legally possible? What does the law say? Do the government agencies impound such monies or do they return it to the party that paid the bribe?

    I have no legal knowledge on this subject but use logic to derive the conclusion that such money if recovered is confiscated by government agencies. Anyone who indulges in such practices would not be able to lay claim on the money.

    The transaction itself was illegal Partha, how could you have helped with its recovery and helped the 'so called' innocent.

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    Giving bribe is also a crime equal to that of accepting bribe. Nowadays it has become very common to ditch people by giving them false information about jobs.

    In India employment is a problem. After spending lot of money and getting degrees also, not sure of a job. Middle class people are studying with a lot of hope to get a job. The entire family will be waiting for their family member's employment. In that anxiety they will try to approach all their contacts and getting trapped. Even though they know that it is not correct to give bribe, in the interest of getting a job they will pay money by taking loans etc. Once they know that they were cheated, they don't know what to do. No clue. A very bad situation.

    One of my cousin completed his B.Tech. Looking for a job. One person approached him and told him that he will get a job for him but some money has to spend and the job is in private industry. The boy told him you please get me the appointment letter, then I can give you the amount. After 10 days he came to my cousin and told him you go to a X company(name I don't want to reveal) and tell them that I have send you. They will give you job. No need of prior letter. But before you go there you have to give the total amount. But my cousin refused to give. He said that you come with me , admit me in the company then
    only I give you the money. From that day onwards that person is not visible.

    That is how these people are cheating the needy.

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    No excuse. The boy should suffer for choosing an illegal means to get a government job. He should be booked for the short cut route he sought. If he was innocent and cheated, he should identify the culprits who assured him to get a job for cash, and take them to the police station.
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    The fact that we are ready to bribe people in authority for personal gains even though it is through illegal means is the basic reason why corruption is flourishing in this country. I don't think any government would be able to let alone stop, not even check this practice.

    The youth in question here may be having his own problems that might have led him to pay bribe for getting a job but can we justify his act? He may not be aware that he was being cheated and might have been forced by circumstances but still, as many has already said, he is also party to the crime and cannot be let aloof.

    If with all intelligence agencies and vigilance networks in place, the letter head of a very high dignitary could be misused for such a purpose, I must say that there is something drastically wrong in the department in which the author is working and it need to be investigated covering all such loopholes so that not only the culprits but the entire system also is brought under a scanner.

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    I have read the responses.

    1. There is no doubt that the young boy, by paying the bribe, has committed a mistake. He has been suffering for this mistake for almost two and a half year.
    2. However, the middleman has committed a graver mistake. He has committed a criminal offence. The police has been trying to nab him. Our office has started helping the police.
    3. The incident is a blot to the goodwill of this prestigious office, which is the apex body in the country in a certain important area. Appropriate action has already been initiated , the details of which is not required in this platform. However, who did this, is/are outsiders.

    I raised this thread to caution others not to pay bribe for appointment in Government. Central Government appointment is done on the basis of merit and examination is held all-India basis. But the discussion has turned to a totally different direction.

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    I wholly agree with Saji. This could be the next 'breaking news', an enquiry must be ordered, and the officer here must initiate it. That is the right thing to do. What he mentioned here is a scandal, which actually shames his department.

    We talk of big scale issues, where we can do little but show our angst. We should take a stand against, seemingly, insignificant issues that are gnawing away at the system like termites. We should make a noise where we are in a position to follow up and ensure that something comes out of it.

    Edited: I was typing my response, so there is an overlap of thoughts.

    It's good to know that an enquiry has been initiated, but if they are outsiders (established pretty quickly), how is the department helping?

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    There are two issues involved in this .
    1. An unemployed or underemployed youth with his immaturity but eagerness to get a job trying for a shortcut.That short cut is illegal and unethical.
    2.A person knowing all the legal implications giving offer and taking money on a matter which he cannot perform, which he is not authorise and an offer whih he is not entitled to offer: and patently illegal and unethical.

    As the point 2 is a crime which can create more victims, it has to be nipped as source of cheating and defrauding. Through him the fraud or corrupt official should be caught and punished.
    The youth though he has tried to exploit the situation t his benefit is not a perpetrator, and if there was no offer and temptation, he may not have fallen prey also.
    However in India even giving bribe is also offence. It was sin that count that former PM Narasimha Rao has to take the brunt.
    If the youth does not get his full money back, that itself is his nemesis for doing wrong thing. He can be taken as approve and for enabling to catch the perpetrators he may be given reprieve from punishment.
    This is my personal view. The law may take its course.

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    The basic intention itself is wrong that he should get a job by means of bribing. Though the author told that CG will not be got by bribe, there are many still available without demarcating the government whether it is central, state or autonomous. The bribe has become fame in almost in all these systems too but only vary with some percentage and hence every body's mind is corrupted as Saji told, started accepting for their personal gains whether it is education or employment for common men. When this situation arises in the country, how can we fight against the main system of politicians and higher authorities in this area. But it is deep routed now and eradication is possible only in imagination.
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    "If there was no temptation he might not have fallen prey also."

    At this juncture, we can only make a conjecture about the circumstances.

    I wish to comment about the 'temptation' part of the quote above. Do we take it that chain-snatchers, rapists, thieves and molesters etcetera are innocent for their actions – if there was no temptation they wouldn't have committed the crimes! How we behave describes who we are, and not the circumstances that aid our decisions. We always have the choice to make a decision – you know when you are doing wrong. Making the right description defines the character. I do not buy the theory of temptation. Even peons today are graduates; someone with an education should have been able to differentiate between right and wrong. Crying foul when things didn't work in his favour throws him in poor light. He remained silent as long as he thought he stood to gain. He is nothing but an opportunist. Does he deserve the benefit of the doubt?

    He might be made an approver, but that doesn't make him any less guilty of his involvement. Approvers are made just to strengthen the case against the 'guiltier'.

    Is he a victim? I do not think so. Would he still have been crying foul if he had landed the plum job? Would he then have admitted that he paid a bribe to be where he was?

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    I request the online Editor to close this particular thread because the discussion has gone to completely another direction. I raised the thread to stress upon the fact that Govt. employment is possible only through examination and in some cases, interview, and not by bribing. However no Member is discussing the aspect.

    As far as the particular incident is concerned, the affected person has complained against a particular man who has been known to him. The police came to our office only for confirmation and we have supplied available information about that person who duped the boy. The culprit was an outsider, but used to come to our office for a very brief period. There is nothing more to discuss about the incident.

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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