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    Service of nurses should by applauded

    I recently stayed in a hospital at Madurai to assist my brother,who got admitted. There many nurses of very young age,served(though it is their duty )very patiently and dedicatedly.I really appreciated their perseverance. We should really honor the services of nurses.
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    The nurse's role in patients recovery is enormous. They work with a lot of patience and dedication. Unfortunately, the remuneration they get for their service is very little. I was hospitalised on more than five occasions and the service rendered by them is really great. I always felt like a child in their care. The nurses deserve more appreciation for their service.
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    The nursing service is a holy and noble service to humanity. Doctors cannot perform their duty without the assistance of the nurse. The doctor is the brain but the nurse is the body that acts.

    Yesterday, one of my poor relative girl who just passed her 10th class, asked me as to what subject she should choose for her further studies. I asked her, "What profession do you like?. She was undecided. I suggested her to become a nurse in her life. She was pleased with my proposal of she becoming a Nurse in her life. And I would fund her for her nursing studies.

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    There is no doubt that profession of nursing is a very noble profession. But nowadays, like all other noble professions, this profession has been gradually losing the goodwill and respect of people because of the callous attitude of a handful of nurses. The nursing community must make every effort to bring back the earlier glory to the profession.
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    The duty of Nurse is the noble service and those patients who get well would surely give the credit to the nurse and not the doctor. I know when my mother was admitted in a hospital and my mother does not know any language except Tamil could manage to converse and get the things done and all nurses at ICU were marvelous in their attending a patient without showing any sign of fatigue or angry. I really liked their patience and would even help the patients to cope up with routines in hospital. That is why some hospitals are famous not for doctors but for good nursing which is very important.
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    Nursing is a service to patients. Of course they may be getting paid for that. But many people may not be ready to carry out the works that are being done by the nurses. I have seen many nurses who completely devotee their time and energy in serving the patients in the hospital. They play a very important role in the success of a nursing home. A good doctor and a service oriented nurse will make the patients happy.
    But like in any other profession, in this profession also there are some who will not be so courteous to patients and try to pull of time without doing their job properly. But majority of them are true to their post and do a good job.
    I have seen many Kerala girls in Hyderabad who are working as nurses in many hospitals. My observation is that these Kerala nurses come all the way to here stay in the hostels and serve the patients better.

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