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    The last Frenchman of Chandan Nagar

    Students of History know that Chandan Nagar of West Bengal was a French settlement like Pondicherry, Karaikal, Mahe. The French left this settlement by 1950 and it came under the rule of independent India. However, some French people didn't leave Chandan Nagar even when the French Government handed over the beautiful and ancient town to Indian Government. One of those few Frenhmen was Clovis Albert Galopin. This simple Frenchman loved Bengali culture, Hindu religion and the peaceful but aristocratic lifestyle of Chandan Nagar, from the core of his heart. He used to stay at Padri (Pastor) Para in Chandan Nagar. In the locality, he started celebration of Jagaddhatri Puja on his own. During his youth and middle age, Mr. Galopin used to work at nearby Champdani Jute Mill.

    Mr. Galopin, the last Frenchman of Chandan Nagar who was known for his humble and helpful nature, breathed his last on 13th May of this year.

    With the death of Mr. Galopin, an era ended at Chandan Nagar. May God give him peace!
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    To be frank for the first time I am coming across the fact about Chandan Nagar being a Fresh settlement those days on the lines of Union territories like Pondichery, Karaikkal, Yanam and Mahe. It was really a feel good factor for the people of Chandan Nagar who were peace loving community and thus it had attracted Frenhmen Clovis Albert Galopin to extend his living and eke out the rest of the life. Some people who come to India for sight seeing and tour, would like the climate and hospitality very much that they settle and remain here. Golopin was one among them who later died in that same place.
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    Yanam is also under french Government. Later on it has become a part of central territory with Pondichery. I am very familiar with this town because it is very near to our native place and people think it is a part of East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh. Here also many french people were staying even after their Government handed over the city to Indian Government. Slowly as the time passed, many left.

    When the then Chief Minister of combined Andhra pradesh Dr. N T Rama Rao, brought Prohibition in this state, many people from nearby places used to go to this town and have drink there. So at that time Yanam has become very Notorious. But slowly many people gone there and settled. AP government opened the liquor shops. So no necessity to go there for drinking. But people go there because of the less taxes for almost all commodities.

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