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    It's regarding my blog that I am posting on Facebook

    Hi, everyone!
    Today I was trying to publish my blog on my page in my Facebook account and I saw that a picture which I added in my last blog few days back is displayed in my today's blog. That picture isn't showing on my blog but only when I'm publishing it on my FB account I can see that.
    I then removed that picture from my last blog itself assuming that it will disappear from my today's blog too but still that picture is being displayed. I don't understand what's happening. Can anybody here tell me what to do to remove that picture and why it's happening?
    Thank you!
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    We all know Facebook maintains the record of every sharing we make whether messages, content, image or video and that are being reminded and asked to be repeated to share if wanted. That means once we submit any thing to Facebook, it becomes their property and they keep on their records for use and reuse. Probably that has happened in your case too. What I feel that we must be cautious enough to share in Facebook. We should not share any copy right materials and other copied items without giving credit to the original Facebook account holder. So you cannot remove that picture,
    K Mohan
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    Pooja Singh,
    When you share an URL in Facebook, it will collect most relevant picture from the contents of the URL. If no picture is available in the URL you shared, then it will try to collect other relevant picture from your website (from any post URL). You have reported that picture is taken from previous post URL. Even if you remove it, it will appear as relevant picture because Facebook generally collects such pictures from web search database. It won't appear only if you share that URL after Google removed that picture (will happen when Google re-crawls your site). You can't make it removed automatically when sharing. The only solution is you can remove the picture manually when you share it on Facebook (Just click on upper right corner of the picture in Facebook). Hope you will understand now.


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    Facebook is very versatile in prioritization of data available to it. It will display the available related picture on your blog.

    You have to remove it manually before sharing or uploading another sequence.

    Sometimes there are certain things we can choose in settings also and then it will be following those instructions rather then the default mode. You can check it by going to the settings and see if such an option is available.

    Facebook software is very comprehensive and full of options and until unless one sees them in details it is difficult to check or arrest the default mode actions going in the background.

    Due to these reasons many people are afraid to upload their personal data in Facebook.

    Knowledge is power.

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