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    Rajnikanth entering politics being opposed. Just imagine if he was made Governor of TN ?

    We all know that BJP is desperately looking for a suitable person to occupy the seat of President and also have a permanent governor for TN. While we are not going to talk about Presidential candidate, certainly there are chances of Modi Government installing Super star Rajnikanth as the next governor of Tamil Nadu. Why because his entry into politics is being prevented on the grounds that he does not belong to TN. But for a governor any one can occupy the post and do the justice. More over BJP can benefit from this overtures. Any comment on this ?
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    What is going wrong with our thinking and selection of candidates to become a CM or governor of a state? Can anyone be a governor, especially a fellow from the filmdom who knows only how to act, dance, fight in piece meals. One Mr. Kanth(Vijay) formed a party, turned drunkard, and is resting at home. This is another Mr, Kanth(Rajni) who want to be CM of TN by forming a separate party. Are the Tamilians fools to vote for an inexperienced guy? Yes. There are many such fools in Tamilnadu who vote blindly for somebody. What Rajnikanth has done for the Tamils except earning in crores through his films? Rajnikanth may be a superstar among the filmstars, but can never be a superstar in politics. Rejected.
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    Anything and everything is possible in politics. There is a rumor that Rajinikanth is trying to enter into politics. I don't know how far it is true. But he has lot of fan following in South India. If he is from Karnataka, he can contest from Karnataka for CM of Karnataka. Even there are many fans for him in AP, Telangana, Karnataka and tamilnadu. I don't know about Kerala. If he wants definitely he will become CM in his native state also. South Indians are very good hero worshippers. So they will definitely vote for him.

    In such case , my imagination says that even though BJP wants him to be Governor of Tamil Nadu. He may not accept Governor post.

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    Rajnikanth (Shivaji Rao Gaekwad) was born in Karnataka (Bangalore) to Maharashtrian parents. He worked as a bus conductor in the State run transport service, in Bangalore, before moving to Madras to take up an acting course in the city. What followed next is known to all. The actor revealed this in a recent interaction with his fans where he also gave subtle hints of joining politics.
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    Rajnikanth has said to his fans 'Prepare for war" which is an inappropriate call. This is an irritating speech by the great film actor. He should not think politics as cinema. I am sure, If Rajni forms a party, it will live for a while and die like DMDK formed by Vijay kanth.
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    #5991422 tag Rajanikanth is not a kannadiga he is from Maharashtra Gaikwad is the surname that belongs to Maharashtra.
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    It will be Awkward to make a Gaikwad as CM of Tamilnadu. Are there no good politicians hailing from Tamilnadu to be a CM and serve the Tamils and develop Tamilnadu? In that case, our dear Kushboo from north(Congress party spoke person) can also be a good Chief Minister. Let congress party try its best to have her elected as CM of TN. She will be better than Rajnikanth. She is also a dynamic lady to rule a state like Ms Jayalalitha.
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    This is really nice proposal by author. But he may not be eligible for Governor as he has born in TN only and he has told himself to claim that he is part of TN to become CM.

    The impossible things may not be imaginable too.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Anybody can become governor. Dr Vidyasagar Rao is from AP, and made governor of Maharastra and TN as incharge. We know previously Rosaiah who was from AP was made governor of TN. Then why not Rajni as governor of TN now ?
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    There will always be some vested interests.They have their own axe to grind. Such interests will get boost when the government is weak or leadership is not having effective control on party or government. That is exactly what is happening in TN.
    Rajnikant is having a large fan following. If he enters politics and even if a fraction of his following stands with him and votes for the candidates chosen by him, that can affect the prospects of many other parties and candidates. Those small fry groups who were thinking of gaining by bargaining or playing spoilers are now threatened by the possibility of Rajni entering politics. So they are taking anticipatory measures to prevent him from coming to politics.

    There is also another possibility. Those who wan to propel him as their proxy want to show him that he is now not that unquestioned leader and may have to take help of others(them). So they also may be stage managing
    such protests indirectly.

    Now the thread question of posting as governor. Usually the person from the same state is not posted as governor of that state. So that is ruled out. Moreover nowadays governor posts are offered to those who are known leaders in politics, but now relatively inactive. Governor post is also offered to keep away some influential party stalwarts leaders fro the State or Central politics.

    As of now, Rajanikant will not be considered nor will he agree to be a governor.

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    Sun, history has it that Thanjavur was once ruled by Marathas. MGR was originally a Malayali. Krunanidhi has his Telugu roots, Jayalalitha was born in Karnataka, etc. etc.. Even now there Rajya Sabha MPs from states who are not even regular active residents that state. So let us not look things that way.

    A leader should be a leader who can lead the masses of that country or province. If he is looked to be CM, we have to asses whether he posses those qualities.

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