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The central government under Sri Modi has completed three successful years in Office. Please discuss all views and issues related to the topic in this thread only.
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    Lets congratulate PM Modi on his successful completion of 3 years in office. Any agenda you want ?

    For the first time in India we have seen a Prime Minister who is in constant touch with the people of India and his actions during three years were astounding and cannot be compared with any other PM who has occupied that chair. Let us congratulate him for successfully having completed three years in office with many flagship programs to his credit. Surely there must be something in your mind which you may want him to do in another two years.. What I ask him to fulfill the promise of distributing money among public which was recovered during demonetization.
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    I congratulate Sri Modi and team for having completed three years in Office! As a common man, I doubt whether the tenure was successful as far as the nation is concerned. Modi government is yet to bring in any positive results. Except for publicity, propaganda and slogans, I don't think any plan set forth by the center has brought in the desired results. The author has asked us to mention something which we want the center to do in another two years. What can we ask when the agenda is already set. I have expressed my opinion based on my personal feeling well knowing that I am likely to be criticized. Swachh Bharath, toilets for all, eradication of corruption, bringing back black money, peace in Kashmir, clean Ganga and what not! I would like to reiterate my stand that the surgical strike undertaken as a part of the government initiative was too premature and is the cause of the surge in unrest in the Valley. For all those who are ardent supporters of the saffron ideology, I have a request, please don't repeat the old 'what has the Congress done in sixty years' dialogue again. I will agree if one can give a point to point narration of what all plans have been 'completed' by Modi and team during this three years.
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    Saji dont you think our PM Modi dared to attempt such issues like Demonetization and surgical strike which other governments wont dare. And the results are quite pleasing.
    K Mohan
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    At the outset I like to congratulate our PM and other Ministers for completing 3 years in power. Two positive things come to my mind. The first one is no big scams involving politicians in power in central Government. I don't remember any scam. The second one is coal mines open auction. It is done very open. Nobody have a chance to cheat. The money government earned is very high when compared to earlier government.

    Demonetization is announced and the officials involved have not cooperated very well in implementing the system. Banks has created lot of problems by diverting money and doing many unethical deeds. Otherwise this might have given much better results. However today I have seen the newspaper that lot money has come out under this program.

    Of course as pointed out by Mr. Saji lot of advertisement is there for government schemes but we have to wait and see what will be the outcome.

    GST is announced and it is felt that the cost of many essential commodities will comedown. A Telugu newspaper said that a family can save up to Rs.500/- a month on these items.

    However when compared to earlier government this government is performing at least in some areas. 3 years is too small a time to complete all the schemes successfully.

    always confident

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    I am writing this at around 9.10 p.m. A discussion will be held at Republic TV on the latest survey on the functioning of the Government. The jist has just now been shown. In almost all aspects, the people have given better marks to the present Government compared to its predecessor. If anybody says that Republic TV is pro-BJP, then I would request others to read the following resport of anti-BJP Newslaundry:-
    But skeptics will always remain. In spite of their presence, we must remember two basic facts:-
    (a) The performance of the present Government is better than the pperformance of its predecessor Government.
    (b) Now Government can completely fulfill the expectation of people. So comparison is the only way to evaluate the performance of a Government.

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    Good performance overall, Ministry under Ms Sushma Swaraj in particular.

    Feeling proud to be an Indian after decades….

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    Neeraj you made a simple but strong statement that some Ministers including Sushma Swaraj performance were superlative and there is no corruption against any Ministers so far.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    In this regard, I would also like to name Peeyush Goyal, MoS (Power) and Neetin Gadkari, Road Transport Minister.. Both of them are working silently, but very very efficiently and successfully.
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    "Mr. Mohan: How can you even think of congratulating Modi Govt.? Modi Govt. has done almost nothing. Even if it has done anything (example: Dhola-Sadia bridge), it is so insignificant that it is 'Not worthy of a discussion'."-Thus speak the pathological Modi-haters.

    Partha Kansabanik's agenda: Modi Government should give these pathological haters proper thrashing, so that they remember it for a considerable period of time.

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    The ban on cattle slaughter is another strategical strike by the Modi government. See how well timed it was; just when the government is celebrating three years in office. It was a tactical move to divert the attention of the nation from discussing the performance of the government. One cannot but accept the brains behind such decisions. Having realized that a direct meat ban would not be so easy, the center has taken refuge in the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and also relied on environmental pollution to take a different way to enforce their agenda. But livestock being a State subject, we will have to wait and see whether the attempt would be successful. After stray dog menace, courtesy Maneka Gandhi, we will have to deal with stray cattle menace in the near future.
    Anyone who holds an opinion against Modi is not a Modi hater and anyone who speaks against the policies of the government is not anti-national and anyone who holds a tolerant view is not a liberal!

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    Ban on cow slaughter was persistent demand from many states but having seen some states not following the central advisory, Modi government was forced to issue nation wide ban. So this is one more feather in the cap of Modi.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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