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    Discussion on working environment of employees in a company .

    we are going to discuss here the working environment of employees in a company . As we know discipline and formal atmosphere is there and employees have to follow the rules ; where as some employee enjoy the atmosphere but huge number of employees complain .
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    In a company the management always maintain some confident people among employees to monitor the situation of other employees and report the matter to them. Some employees have hostility with the management and they are among the group which always complain against the heads of the company. But the section in charge is responsible for maintaining congenial relations between employees and see that their core problems are addressed. Now a days the employees are governed by unions and associations to look after their grievances. So management also work with them with sea saw attitude.
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    For a company to run smoothly and profitably there should be some rules and regulations. All employees should follow the rules. None should complain about it. In many Organisations some of the employees misuse the liberty given to them . Because of these small group of people companies are insisting on discipline and rules.

    I have seen a company where management was never asking for coming in time. Employees were come as per their convenience and going. So the out put had reduced. When the time for delivery of goods is approaching, people has to work extra hours for which management has to pay overtime and arrange for food etc. After observing this the management has fixed the timings and started deducting money for late comers. Who is responsible for this?

    It is natural that employees will always complain if the rules are insisted. But management has to keep the decorum of the Organisation.

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