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    When the next second of life is not guaranteed then why have arrogance, hate, anger ?

    Many people think that they are here to live for many years and they are destined to guide others and live with them happily. But next second of our life is not guaranteed and that is the reality. In that case why one must have the arrogance, head weight, over confidence, hate and above all anger against others. All the above negative attitude of the people would block the good deeds done during the life and only negative attitudes of that person are discussed. So before making remarks against others think of this.
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    Mr. Mohan , you told correctly. We don't know whether we are there or not tomorrow. But w sleep only after fixing a wake up call in our cell as per our timing. This indicates that we have some confidence that we will be there tomorrow to get up. We can't stop living thinking that we may die the next moment. But unfortunately many of the human beings don't understand the concept of mortality. So they go on doing all unethical and unwanted actions to accumulate money. Once they have lot of money the feel they are the supreme and try to down rate the others.

    As you said all the negative attitude of the people will create all these problem.
    People say as you grow big you should be more down to earth.

    always confident

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    Who said that the next second is not guaranteed. Do you know doctors who give guarantee to our life? Do you know there are astrologers who predict our life span on this good earth? There are many fortune tellers who foretell our future. So what is the problem in being arrogant with hate and anger? Life cannot be enjoyed without these negative qualities. In life, one should have both positive and negative traits to have a balanced life.

    No life without Sun

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    There are many people who are not able to control their temparament and become angry even on insignificant things. These people show their feelings immediately without thinking. This is really an unfortunate situation.

    This life is very uncertain. No one can predict the future. What we do is guesswork. It may come true or may not come true.

    We must control our ill feelings, anger and other negative characteristics if we want to make our life calm and peaceful. The present is only in our hands and why not make it beautiful.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I would like to begin with a story. There was a man his son did not care for his wife and children. She went to her parents with her children. The man had huge property. His daughter -in-law asked rather begged him to give her money and a house where she could live with her children. The man refused bluntly. His attitude brought too much problems for the female and her children. Now they do not regard him. I do not know what that man thought but things that cannot be used for the betterment of your family useless. Had man thought that life is uncertain and he would settle them in his life then the situation would have been absolutely different. So arrogance, negation, hatred are very strong feelings which take time to grow and once they have their place things go out of place because love and respect cannot live where such emotions exist. I think this short incident is self explanatory about what my friend said.

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    Mr. Mohan: If the next second of life is not guuranteed, they why do we work, we study, we make promise? We should not do anything. We must lie down and wait for the last second, isn't it?
    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    Rashmi your short story was impressive and truly supports the cause of this thread. And Partha life is the illusion, and we are all part of the drama troop. Once our role is over, we are out of stage.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    I feel that the limitness of life opens up unlimited opportunities to live the life in a way we can best justify. We should be journey oriented who can learn from one's mistakes and try to be a good learner and yet he or she respects everyone's uniqueness. Life is too short to lead life with arrogance and hate as the elements of character. These things are mere emotions and are experienced by every individual somewhere whether identified or not by that very person. What you can do is find a way to chanellise negative emotions that could incur destruction upon others if not handled well and surely we are not meant to incur destruction. And the best way to do is to fill yourself with love for anything. Think, how can you contribute to the world in such a limited time? So that atleast you have one thing to hang on as the accomplishment when you go away from the world. Act of random kindness could be the key.

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    When I was in the hospital for assisting my brother, I saw a person,elderly, rich almost crying and telling that 'how I was cruel enough to him(admitted person)without seeing his relationship and now he is suffering as anything'. But unfortunately he (admitted)left this world without hearing his words. It was later heard that he and the admitted persons were brothers and lived separately without meeting each other, on a difference of opinion,for more than 20 years. What is the use of crying after the life is over. We should think the relationship and not his or her wealth or words. As our three fingers pointing towards us only when one finger pointing other, we should think more than twice before finding fault from others as one mistake of other is equal to thrice of ours.

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